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I made a new friend today! and therapy

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Hey guys i've actually been feeling really happy recently i've got to express how i feel to my teacher about my problems.. and i met a new friend around my age in real life finally!
my grandma did tell me she found a friend for me in real life she comes every two weeks (but sometimes it changes) with her father and step-mother. and she seems really nice we have alot in common.. i seriously had NO friends around my age in real life for about 4 years man.. i was always the socially awkward kid with autism in elementary school and i was homeschooled from middle high to now in high school. i never really was friends with alot of my kids my age mainly because of how awkward and just unapproachable and not talkative i seem. i seriously act like a alien pretending to be a human when i try and befriend a kid my age in real life like seriously im an awkward person.. i've been asking the universe or whoever that was out there to just let me have at least ONE friend who isnt family. and i finally got it.. i really hope i dont blow this and elementary school me comes out and its the social awkward, autistic kid again.. but hopefully not. i remember back then other kids used to cry when they got placed with me if they had to sit next to me. or if they had to be in a group with me or something and it really made me feel hopeless and hurt to see that. but its been years and ive changed. and i succsessfully got a therapist i usually only talked with school counselors but this time its therapy.. which i am so relieved about.. me and the therapist talked today and i feel proud of myself and relieved i finally got myself out there and expressed how i feel without hiding it all in the inside for years.. anywho thats really all i wanted to say. and how is everyone doing? hope everyone is well and safe during these crazy times!
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