I Made An Angel Want To Die

Discussion in 'Poet's Corner' started by unknown loner, Nov 21, 2009.

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  1. unknown loner

    unknown loner Active Member

    I saw you walk from heaven's open gates
    You had that lifeless look
    It was something that made you so unrecognizable
    The words I spoke to you seemed so forced from a bitter heart

    The wings you carried on your back no longer made you float
    The halo seemed so dim, it was darker then the place in my chest
    The music you created with that beautiful instrument turned to trash
    I realize now the tears that roll from your eyes have my words written on them

    I went for the revenge shot after your words pierced through me
    I forgot all the things that made you so sincere to me
    The unnecessary truth was spoken from a soul that was sold for these words
    Little did I know as I walked away, the will you held in rusted away

    I looked into those eyes of yours and realized that I made you cry
    I was so selfish to make an angel want to die
    You walk past me and rush for a stairway to those fire pits
    I realize that this is something I can't fix this time

    As you fade away I see you turn back to me
    Those beautiful bloodshot eyes were the last "fuck you" to me
    It's the part of you I can still hold dear as a reason to join you
    Selfishly I try to see through those eyes to avoid the truth of your pain

    You rip off those wings with blood soaked hands
    The halo is thrown to the ground like a bullet less gun
    I see the gown you wear fall off and watch the skin sweat as you move farther down
    And before I realize the self centered sin is true, you disappear from my sight

    I look back to the now closing gates and see what I used to hope for
    This land of good is a place that my eyes don't deserve to watch
    When the gates slam shut the beautiful light shuts off
    I look back to the stairway to hell and sit; I might as well stare at my resting place
  2. total eclipse

    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    You have written from the heart very emotion evoking very sad but very well written
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