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    After over a decade of suffering and searching, finally after having my Zyprexa bumped to 10mg, I have finally found some relief. I feel different, life feels different, the world feels different. All in a positive way. I made it, it has felt like such a long and horrendous journey but I made it. I have finally found the right treatment for me, after years of either being too scared of meds or taking the wrong meds. There have been so many times I doubted I would ever get to this point. Things are not perfect, my life still needs a lot of work, but I can do it. I can see now that I can do it.

    Please hang in there, everyone! Light at the end of the tunnel is confirmed, I can vouch for it.

    Meds I tried that didn't work or made me worse:
    - Zoloft
    - Lexapro
    - Xanax
    - Effexor

    Things that happened while not on any meds:
    - Homelessness
    - Loss of all property
    - Loss of relationships
    - Loss of jobs
    - Health problems
    - Substance abuse
    - Car wreck
    - Loss of loved one
    And more.

    Approximately 13 years of wrong meds, no meds, crisis after crisis.

    All I am trying to say is that you can do this. Please believe it. I know the feeling of holding on for dear life inside my own mind. I'm not trying to lecture. I just want yall to know it is worth it. Hang in there.
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    Glad that you hung on and have found a medication that can help you thanks for giving us hope hugs to you
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    So glad to read your success story, well done and be proud of yourself!
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    Like the others be proud of what you achieved.
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    Good to hear :) !!
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    I just want to say congratulations and I am happy that you can be happy now :)