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i made my plan.

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i have a bottle of XXXXXXXXXXX ive tried everything i can to make things better for myself, mentally that is. nothing else has worked. tha psych ward didnt, tha army dosent help, nothing. my only consolation will be tha fact that soon i wont suffer anymore. ill finally be at peace.
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I totally understand I know it's so hard to say the least,if you want to talk I'm here I'm in as much pain as you're so I know what it's like.Please try to hold off just a little bit longer.


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blackthorn please call some help straight away..
you probably won't die but only make more problems for yourself damaging organs or something...
call crisis asap..

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Don't harm You okay you don't deserve to have anymore pain what you deserve is compassion please go to hospital please and tell them to putyou in for a few days to get rid of the mental anquish please Do not give up like this you are a fighter please pick up phone and get help


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Hi blackthorn, like everyone else has stated, please get some help. You don't deserve to die. Can you call someone? A suicide hotline? Write to the samaritans? Tell a friend or family member? You're worth more than you give yourself credit for.
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