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I messed up >.<

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So i did something impulsive and dumb. I shouldnt have but i went and got my nose pierced. I was so hypomanic and i know i'll regret it but i hope i dont.
I knew i shouldnt have but i did anyway.

I cant take it out for a year and ive actually gotta take care of it.

WHY did i do that >.<


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Hey ! i got my nose pierced when i wasnt manic ! LOL seriously its all good thats pretty reserved compared to what you could have done and i bet it looks good! just make sure you keep it as clean as possible but dont use soap they didnt tell me that and soap actually works its way into the hole and irritates it and builds up. I hope that you are feeling less manic :hug:
Haha yeah it looks good and coulda been worse i just wasnt thinking in the long term is all.

Its like the other day i was ready to drop $60 i dont have on a soldering kit and a build it yourself am/fm radio. What the hell do i need that for?
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