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I messed up

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I'm new here.
I messed up the other day.
I was really upset and very depressed. I still am.

Anyways, I had to go to the hospital for being sick and for some reason I just took 8 extra strength nytol before going. I'm not really sure why.
I don't know.

It wasn't more than 5 minutes in the waiting room and they took effect. It was pretty bad. I couldn't talk or walk.

Heart rate and blood pressure was high.

Thing is what upsets me the most is how I was treated. The nurse was so mean and I just can't stop thinking about that. I know I'm sensitive but I'm more depressed than ever now and I wish I would have been successful. Does that sound awful or crazy? I don't have anyone and when someone is mean it just crushes me. I try to be a good person but it doesn't seem to matter.

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DAM IT the nurse who was cruel to you should not be a nurse hun She is in the wrong position don't let her cruelty upset you hun i am glad you got to hospital and got the treatment you needed to keep you here. I think if you can get her name report her okay so she does not harm others I am glad you are here hun you can pm me okay i understand how the cruelty of others can affect us. I will listen and not judge okay hugs to you


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Hi mem333 welcome to the forum.

I'm sorry that this nurse treat you like that. Some people do not understand mental illness or the power of your emotions. I know when i've been most depressed I become very fragile around other people's attitudes towards me. Even tiny little negatives from others can set me off even worse. It's possible that this nurse's behaviour was a reflection of what was happening in her life, her head, her emotions. We are vulnerable people who are not understood by those with no knowledge or experience of our thoughts, if she knew what she was doing to you I do not think she would do it. People like this are naive and I don't want you to hurt yourself over their intolerance and misunderstanding.

Stay safe. Remember in hollywood the good man doesn't win without a difficult battle.


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Welcome Meme333! If you have any questions about SF, be sure to ask! PS I have had a few bad experiences with nurses too, and gahh... :( :hug:
:sadwave: I'm sorry you had a bad experiance with the nurse. I've had mixed results with nurses and doctors in the past, but when I woke up from coma from my attempt a few weeks ago everyone was pretty nice with the excaption of one or two people (which I take as a plus since I seen about 30 different people in my time their). People who don't understand are judgemental, nurses are supposed to be caring and understanding people.They deal with various situations on a daily basis and should be ready for anything and treat everyone with kindness. I think that nurse might need to find a new occupation. I'm glad You're alright. I hope your feelings of wishing you were successful dissipate. If you ever want to talk their are lots of people here willing to listen including myself.


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I'm pleasantly surprised by all of you. Thank you.
I have had mixed support from medical people but why is it the negative ones are so strong and affect me so badly.
I am so crushed. It's silly because I can tell myself that maybe she was stressed out or deals with difficult people but I have tough times and I"m never mean to anyone. I can say that honestly.
And thinking of her this way doesn't really help. I took it personally, like she saw me as crazy.
She yelled at me when I fell on the floor. I had to use the bathroom and still couldn't walk and I fell of course. She just stood there giving me dirty looks like I was an idiot, didn't help me up and said to stay in bed and that she didn't feel like picking me up off the floor.
I only want to do it more now.
Wish I had never gone to the hospital.
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