I Might Fail But I Have To Try

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    Well here’s the deal. There are only 2 girls left for me to go for. At first there was about 11 girls i went for. Alot of them had boyfriends already and some just said no. I asked this girl I saw on the bus alot out, i told her to text me sometime. Thing is i’m not that good looking and alot of people say it doesn’t matter but when it comes down to it, it does. And I accept that. I’m just not going to get a 9. This girl was in my league I would say and she never even texted me. I wasn’t really hurt. Because there are 2 girls left. One is Mandy (not real name) she seems have a very likable way about her, I met her a few days ago but something strange happened. My voice wouldn’t come out right and it almost sounded like a whisper when i said hi. This never happened before and it was as if i couldn’t talk but she smiled and said hi and i just introduced myself and Tomarow i’m going to ask her if she wants to hang out for halloween. I’m very nervous because i think she is out of my league looks wise and i feel i may have weirded her out because of how i talked but i was really nervous. But this is my last chance you know, i got to try my best. The 2nd girl I’ll call Becky. Alot of people call her dumb and ditsy but she seems easy to talk to. I don’t know, i would rather have things work out with Mandy, only thing is. If it doesn’t work out with any of these girls then i’m shit out of luck. I’m out of girls and it’s like i reached the end of my dating road for a while. I tried my best though, and i got hurt many times for no good reason and made fun of and sometimes i made really bad mistakes and I thought I would never be able to look at myself in the mirror again. And people treated me so mean. But here I am. It’s ok though. I stuck in it because I kept hope and faith I would eventually find someone who would make the whole thing worth it. Maybe I already found that person, maybe one is Mandy or Becky. Or maybe I fail and stay alone and it was all for nothing. But I got to try, that’s all I know. I know I might fail but it’s ok because atleast I will always remember I tried.
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    Well best wishes, whichever one it will be. Got to stay hopeful, don't you. And it sounds like you deserve something good for a change, so maybe this time... :smile:
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    If things dont work out with either one then maybe expand the field. Maybe try outside your usual "choices". I'm assuming these are mostly girls you know through work or school or are in the general area. So go outside your safety zone. Go check out places that you usually dont hang at. Take up an interest that involves other groups of people. You arent even close to the end of the road. I'd say you just got stuck in a sharp curve for a little while. Pull around the bend and you'll see the road stretches further than you can imagine. Good luck.
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    Well I have bad news. Well I talked to Becky first, she was easy to talk to, i said one thing she didn't like though but i said i was joking. When i asked her to hang out she said her boyfriend wouldn't like it. I remember her saying she had one. Then there was Mandy the saddest part of all. It's halloween and I saw her past me a few times during the day, anyways I couldn't find her all of a sudden. So i walked around campus for a while hoping i would see her and i promised if i saw her again i would talk to her and I did, but she was sitting with another guy. When i talked to her the guy gave me a strange look and asked if i knew her and gave me a very very hard hand shake. And then i had to ask if they were together and he said yes, both of them did. So i said sorry and he gave me a hard pat on the back almost as if he was pushing me away. It's ok i guess, i just though that something would happen today. And it didnt.
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    Sorry to hear that. But like I said before I think you still have a lot of opportunities ahead of you. Dont look at the glass as empty look at it as needing a refill (lol). Try some new places and new faces.
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    yeah i will
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