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i might wind up homeless...

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Hi all, I'm obviously new here. I'm going through a really rough time right now and although it would be nice to have someone listen, it would also help if anyone has resources.

Not sure where to start, I feel my problems and life is pretty unique because I've never read anyone in quite the situations I've been in. This will be long, and I'm not good at explaining these things, but I'll try to keep it short and readable.

Right now for me, I've always been the shy, quiet type. No siblings. I've suffered from bouts of depression and anxiety since my teens, which seemed to be maybe normal teenage emotions. For awhile when I was 13-14 my parents did take me to a therapist (and I was diagnosed with just depression then) but couldn't afford to keep up with the $80 sessions. I'm now in my 20s and I still have the same problems. I have never learned to drive, due to the anxiety and also lack of someone to be patient enough to teach me, which makes living in a limited transportation area difficult. I've read up on hypothyroid symptoms lately, and I notice I had and have been having almost all of them (tired, brain fog, dry hair, sore muscles and joints) , so I'm suspecting maybe that might be an under lying cause for my years of depression and not feeling good.

As I mentioned, I'm in my 20s now. I'm not working and I still live at home. I haven't had a job and my parents couldn't afford any type of therapy for me, and now I wish to get the thyroid levels checked and maybe some other blood work to rule any underlying causes out, but don't have the funds for it.

Now, my mom has been developing severe schizophrenia the last few years. She was committed a couple of years ago and was diagnosed with it. If you aren't aware what this is, it's when people hear things, thinks things that aren't really there or aren't true. I think she might also be bipolar because she will get angry easily if I don't go along with her delusions. I mentioned to her "hey, look at these hypothyroid symptom, I have alot of them, maybe it's why I've been so messed up" She didn't know what the thyroid is, and then she said I should write to the FBI to see if they can help me. :( lol

Going along here, my dad is an alcoholic, although he's been sober for most of my life, he's started up drinking again. I'm not sure if it's the stress of whats happened with my mom or what. Although, I was dealing with whats been going on with her fairly well, I was exercising and trying to snap out of my depression. Anyways, back in November he lost his job, he never mentioned the real reasons why, but I suspect maybe it was the drinking. He didn't qualify for unemployment and didn't bother to try bringing the place to court to get unemployment, so maybe there was a legit reason he lost the job.

Now the house is going into foreclosure. My mom is on SSI and we are living off of that which isn't enough, not to mention due to her schizophrenia she isn't too good at managing her money (like, she can walk through a grocery store and will just buy anything, while I learned how to use coupons, buy on sale to try and save a few dollars when we can, but she won't listen to me with this).

My dad just doesn't seem to care anymore. He's been selling our things from the house to buy his vodka and cigarettes. He's been talking about selling the house before the bank does. The house is under his name, so I'm not sure if my mom or me have any rights to what happens to it. My mom thinks the house is under her name (from what I looked up, I don't see that it is), or that since she is on SSI she will be able to stay here once the house is foreclosed on... she isn't doing anything to prepare for what is going to happen. Although for her, since she is on SSI and disability she will probably have the option to go to mental hospital home or assisted living... unfortunately, she doesn't understand I will have nowhere to go. I don't really feel like staying with my dad having him take any money or belongings I have just to sell off for liquor and cigarettes.

I'm mad at my dad for not trying to get me some help before pulling this with the house. I know some people with depression and anxiety get on SSI and section 8 and live somewhat reasonable lives, maybe if I couldn't have gotten better I could of got those things, but now there is no time for that. He's also leaving the burden of my mom on me.

I also have a couple of cats, which are like my children. During my depression and anxiety, they have been a great comfort. And honestly, if it wasn't for them I would of probably killed myself a long time ago. But having them to wake up for to feed them and being able to get a hug from them has been a great comfort throughout my entire life, especially now. If I lost them at this point, I think I would just end my life with the way things are going. I know some people aren't animal people and won't understand this and just say worry about myself, but I hope there are some out there that get it. I mean, in a way these cats have saved my life. It's been proven animals can provide therapy and comfort and keep people with depression and anxiety issues sane,. so they are important to me.

so... you see my situation is, I don't know what to do or where to go. I'm not really well and need help of my own, my parents aren't ok either. I don't want to wind up homeless and lose everything. I need to have a place where I can take the cats with me. I want to have my depression treated and have some help finding a job. It just sucks that I didn't ask for any of this, I've never done any drugs or drink and here I might wind up homeless, it's out of my control and that all these years I couldn't get any help for my depression or have medical checkups done because they costs so much money here in the US.

I sent in an online form for social services and waiting till I can get an appointment there. I'm not sure if they can help since i still live with my parents, or if they can look at my situation as unique since I am an adult and offer assistance.

What else can I do?


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Welcome to the forum.

I would love to offer advice, but am in Britain which has a very different system, so will hand over to our american members to offer help and advice.


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All well and good, guys, but not really giving any solid help :unsure:
Has no one else been in this situation and if so, what did they do ?
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