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Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by PerfectPeace, Jun 21, 2012.

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  1. PerfectPeace

    PerfectPeace New Member

    So... Ive been depressed for about... maybe 8 years... somewhere in that time i got to this point where i just couldn't enjoy life.
    Its weird... things people would normally find fun and entertaining i just get nothing out of it...
    no matter how "light" or "extreme" it might be.
    this goes on up to the point where i feel this very out of body state like my life's a depressing haze where i then decided
    that if i can't feel anything then the point of life will be to bring joy to others... i tried to get closer to my old friends
    and i did all i could when they felt depressed or felt lonely I always tried to cheer them up and as long as they where happy
    i felt happy.
    but now they just stopped paying attention to me. I'm someone who once had a decent amount of friends but now it seems
    I have none. it's not like they did anything mean to me because we all still hang out. but they no longer seem to care
    about i existence. so I no longer see the purpose of being alive... if i can't have fun, be entertained, or even
    feel happy. then what's the point of life? i even feel like Ive fallen to the lowest note by asking people for help on these forums.

    so if you would like to say something feel free i guess. sorry about the constant three dot thing, it's a habit...
  2. Terry

    Terry Antiquities Friend Staff Alumni

    Have you had any treatment for this depression?
    There is help out there so don't suffer in silence.

    As to friends, could be one of two things; either you are more depressed than you realise and its seeping out, making people feel down but unable to know what to do to help; or, your depression is colouring the way you see them in the same way it's destroying all sense of joy in your life.

    See a doctor.
  3. Drake

    Drake Well-Known Member

    very funny post , I donĀ“t mean it sarcastic , I mean it very ironic that you posted this .
    Am in a similair situation , where am always there when people need me , nobody ever there when I REALLY need them .
    No it is not about getting favors done or business , it is simply on a emotional level .

    Maybe take a holiday alone , if afraid and not daring enough ,then book everything with a touring guide and see if you are socially withdrawn or unhappy with yourself or the surrounding .
    Sometimes that does wonders how other people see you , or you react to new presences or people around .
    About friends , yeah welcome to 2012 , friends today gone tommorow .
    That is how society works nowadays , it is all take take and take .
    So nothing to worry about it is normal .
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