i miss her....

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    ...and angry, upset, confused. she has put me in alot of trouble. sorry i cannot go into much detail as I am so tired, so upset, so confused psychologically by her and I have already written a topic about what she has done to me.

    i can just see me not winning. me, the one who has always been put down in life, depressed, no one to care about me but surviving soley on his own and made a great success of his professional life and only ever wanting to settle down with 1 woman, him who has never ever been in relationships or even been given a chance for a single date by anyone but her. All dreams came true because of her, now....all gone, hurt, used, betrayed and thrown away and for people to walk all over me and for me to slip away and get a record for something i did not do nor will today's society believe that a male actually has a brain, common sense, is intelligent and knows the difference between right and wrong.

    I want to just go for good. And to finish it all off, my father passed away 3 weeks ago and the last thought must be the stress of her and how much i disappointed my father.

    nice one....trouble maker
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    You didn't disappoint your father. :hug: Here if you need anything.
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    oh but i did because if i didnt, then this wouldnt be the situation.