I miss him.. Too much that's it hurts

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    Why didn't he get me.. Why didn't he take me like he said He promised so many things, was it fear? As it pride? What was it? I never doubted his love maybe I just never gave him a chance, maybe it's all me maybe my fear is over taking me. I miss him that much that it's actually physically hurting me. Paronoir sometimes waking up believing I hear hos voiseDreaming about him.. Why won't it go already why can't he just disappear thoughts are haunting me I just blame myself it was my fault anyways...Why did I let him go I could have done something.. You never realize what life is never realize what you live for why you have what you need ... Until the day comes you lose everything.. He was the one who liked me up when I was down who dried my years who Made me laugh when I was crying by his stupid silly acts you will never know what lobe I till its gone he was my life he was literally eberythinh till today even I don't have him my thoughts will always be haunted by him... Whomever reads This, you may nkt know me or my situation but know I have no freedom. All I want is for people to greatful for freedom for love don't give up in it
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    It was NOT your fault h un It was not your fault ok Hugs to you
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    :hug: I know it's hard but you can find love again someday. Try not to think about things so much, that will just make you more upset. About what you could have done or not done...things happen for a reason. Maybe it sounds dumb but I still believe that.