I miss him...

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    So I had an online friend from the USA and I met him through here actually, and everyday we would talk for 2 years until something happened and he was gone for months. He came back online and wouldn't answer me and I don't know why I didn't do anything. He accepted me on Facebook when I first set it up which was 5 years ago and he hasn't deleted me or anything so I sent him a message yesterday and he hasn't replied also he was active so he must of saw it. It's just so hard knowing that someone I cared about wont speak to me no more. It's hard to move on also, I hadn't many online friends maybe 4 and all of them have forgotten me it sucks. But this online friend was every special to me I just miss him. Might be time to make some new friends...
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    I obviously have no real idea what may have happened but i think you are correct that maybe it is time to try as well as possible to move on. If I were to take a guess it might be he has somebody else involved in his life and, likely actually near him, and does not want to jeopardize that. It would be kind of him to give explanation, but he may be scared of reopening feelings for you if he gave into that.... just guesses...

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    Hun i have lost friends also and like you i wondered what i did. The thing is hun it is them the friends have decided to move on and i too did not have explanation but i know they cared.
    You can make new friends here ok You can talk here get to know all of us. Let it be for awhile ok let the person decide when and if they will talk again. You hun can and will make new friends Nothing you did ok it is them they have moved on and so can you hugs
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    Thanks, I just hope that we will talk again someday, and thanks for the support I do need to make new friends just hard making them
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    I miss her...

    Wow, I never thought anyone else would feel exactly the same way I did. I think I joined the site around when you did as too which is some serious coincidence. I met someone who was a great friend for me on here. Back when I first started feeling like my life was out of control. We shared so many things with each other. Time went on and we'd reconnect every now and then and pick up like we never stopped talking. Then I started dating and really left the site for over a year. Perhaps just disappearing did more to harm the friendship then I thought it would. I didn't want to come here because I felt it was a sign that I was doing better. Plus I know my gf wouldn't have appreciated me speaking with another girl online. She was quite upset when she found out I used to visit this site in the first place. Near the end of the relationship, I started visiting this website more and more. I get upset just thinking about it. Anyway when I tried to reconnect with my sf friend, she obviously wasn't as enthusiastic. I was foolish to think that we could have just started back up where we left off. She stopped confiding in me like she used to which I missed and was seldom available to talk. She had obviously moved on to other more meaningful friendships. You really feel alone and over the internet these really isn't a way to voice how hurt this makes you. I know I never gave her that chance if that is ever how she felt when i had left. I lost something important to me in this so I think I know how you feel. You'll have to look for someone else who can be your person now. I know I'm still looking. With 6 billion people on the planet, there's gotta be someone right? :p
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    Re: I miss her...

    Yeah, your right but woah I can so relate me and this guy liked each other so much and it was the distance and igot into a relationship and all contact stopped I think he didn't want to disturb or open up to me as he knew I was happy, it's sad really I am stillin a relationship but would like friendship back but obviously he must be still scared to talk to me. Because if he's moved on why hasn't he removed me from Facebook already? Lol