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I miss (ignore)

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I miss being me.
I miss smiling just to smile.
I miss laughing at your jokes.
I miss spending time with you.
I miss being ok.
I miss the control.
I miss the comfort
I miss the strength.
I miss the confidence.
I miss the love.
I miss the fun.
I miss safety
I miss the reality.
I miss stability.
I miss the good 'ol days.
I miss my friends.
I miss the fun.

I love feeling sorry for myself. I can't just get up and change things.. but I can sure as hell sit here and wine about them...

Sorry :shy:


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Hun, im sorry you feel so bad. Just know we are here for you when you feel low. Youre in my thoughts and prayers, xxxxxxxxxx


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i can relate so much to what you wrote and you have such a gift for writing things down Jess.Thankyou for sharing that with us and sorry that you feel so low.Big hugs.

Take care and best wishes for now
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