i miss the way my life used to be...

Discussion in 'Grief and Bereavement' started by angeljazz, Jun 22, 2012.

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    For some reason, I really miss my childhood friend, the dog my family had when I was growing up, Jasmine. I miss the way her fur felt. I miss when she used to give me kisses. I miss when she'd beg for people food. I just miss her. I never really got the chance to grieve, I guess, because my ex is the type that never really talked about things. He went with my family and me to the vet's office when we put her down. I wished he hadn't gone. Jasmine was the best friend I ever had because she didn't judge me, always loved me. She didn't let me down like a lot of people have. I'm mostly sad I let my ex come with me and ruin my goodbye. Jasmine was a great dog, an even greater friend when I had no one.

    Sweetie, I hope you're here with me. I'm not anyone to be proud of, but I was always in your corner. I love you.
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    I had a Siamese Cat, Eddie, who was old and sick, and turned my house into a stink bin, and I put him to sleep 5 years ago, September...I miss him and I regret doing it almost everyday...so I know how it is to miss a furry friend