i miss u

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    sick of crying....
    tired of trying
    yeah im smiling,
    but inside im....dying


    it hurts so much
    to love you the
    way i do, and
    then look at you
    and realize how
    much you dont

    scars are like
    with better stories

    the world's
    a lot darker
    when you
    think you're

    its really
    how i keep trying
    to hold onto
    something that's not
    coming back

    time goes by
    life goes on
    and all i can think of is
    why you're gone

    tears stream down your face
    when you lose
    something you cant

    she stays up late
    flipping through the
    dictionary to find the
    words that describes
    EXACTLY how she feels

    its sad when ppl you kno
    become ppl u knew

    no one realizes how much their mom
    loves them until it
    smacks them in their face
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    :hug: i'm here if you need to talk hun.