i miss you

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  1. vbuk

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    its been 2 weeks and ive seen you twice. but i miss you so so much.
    i miss how at half ten you'd walk in - we all knew what mood you was in as soon as you walked through the door.
    i miss how as soon as you saw me you knew if i was ok or not.
    i miss how you would bug me about eating while i bugged you about eating.
    i miss your support when things got hard for me.
    i miss your hugs
    i miss how you would laugh at me for doing stupid things
    i miss how we could bitch about those we didnt like
    i miss talking through my crap with you

    i just miss you.

    your replacement started today and yeah - she is nice - but so is not you.

    you always looked after me and for that im greatful. i know you were not totally happy there but i want you back so so much. the shop is nothing without you.

    Love you hun

    Clare xxx
  2. Abacus21

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    :hug: :arms: :hug:

    I know things're hard for you at the moment hun, but things'll get easier..
    I'm here for ya, and so is the rest of the forum, and Kev etc..

    Try and keep your chin up :)