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Discussion in 'Poet's Corner' started by Nuri, Jan 2, 2007.

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  1. Nuri

    Nuri Well-Known Member

    I wrote this for my ex-girlfriend a few weeks ago but she never told me what she thought of it.

    I Miss...

    I miss…

    I miss waking up and seeing you, lying next to me like the amazing Angel that you are.

    I miss the way you always made me feel happy, no matter what.

    I miss your unconditional love that you gave me so generously.

    I miss hearing your sweet, honest and soothing voice, which motivated me so much.

    I miss the way that the moon would reflect off your elegant blue eyes that I loved gazing into.

    I miss the way you opened my eyes to things that I had not seen or noticed before, things that I hold so dear now.

    I miss the way that every day felt different and so exciting, when I was with you.

    I miss how you turned on the light inside my head that had never had been lit before.

    I miss the way that you offered me your hand to start a new life.

    I miss seeing your beautiful smile that made me feel so warm inside.

    I miss your tender, gentle, calming and pleasant touch, which only you possess.

    I miss how you would hold me if I were to cry and how you always managed to cheer me up.

    I miss the way you would correct me, lecture me and form me into a better person, someone that I thought I could never be.

    I miss everything, the inspiration but most of all I… miss… you…

    I am nothing but tears and fears…

    The End.
  2. lost_alone4

    lost_alone4 New Member

    damn thats like a trigger for me. it reminds me so similarly the way i used to think of my ex- i used to write poems like that about her too, its so similar to what i used to think about her, reading that is so nostalgic to me:sad: :sad:
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