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I must be a little weird.

Discussion in 'I Have a Question...' started by eagles_fan, Sep 26, 2011.

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  1. eagles_fan

    eagles_fan Well-Known Member

    I have this problem where whenever I get really mad at something, I'll punch an inanimate object. I just slammed my fist into my washing machine while I was having yet another idiotic fantasy (it's not real, so I should be getting mad). I keep getting angry at bullying idiots that don't exist outside of my mind.

    I've also had this cough for a while now. At least a week. When my brother said, "Hey, it's called medicine," I gave him a bunch on the shoulder. It wasn't too hard, but it was an inappropriate response, definitely. My dad was a bit upset. This was just a minute or so after I hit the washing machine.

    I don't want to grow up to be abusive or anything. I need to learn how to stop hitting shit, but it's like I can't stop. I'm super weird like that and I don't like it.
  2. BrinkOfExistence

    BrinkOfExistence Well-Known Member

  3. total eclipse

    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    get some therapy now to help you deal with your anger outbust to help you stop before it gets too violent hugs
  4. Illusion

    Illusion Well-Known Member

    I have a similar issue. Whenever I get upset I throw stuff & either break something or leave a dent in the wall. My anger is often taken out on expensive treasured things lol. At times I'll even hit a family member. Not hard enough where I hurt them but still a hit. But yeah.. Enough about me. Perhaps try some therapy though? Talk about how you get when you get angry and they'll try to help you cope with your anger better.
  5. eagles_fan

    eagles_fan Well-Known Member

    You shouldn't be hitting family members for no reason.
    Seriously, don't do it.

    You should be treasuring your family if they're good to you.
  6. absolution

    absolution Forum Buddy

    I don't think you will grow up to be abusive, but I do recommend you see someone about it. :hug:
  7. Illusion

    Illusion Well-Known Member

    I know. I do a lot of things I shouldn't. I'm young & human. Plus it isn't for no reason. Its usually if they smart off to me like your brother did or try to swing a hit first.
  8. johnnysays

    johnnysays Well-Known Member

    Watching two brothers punching each other in the face and walking away with bloody noses scarred me for life. You know, brothers and sisters don't always get along. I've seen normal (successful) people that didn't always have a normal childhood.

    I'm older than you. But I've had a liberal and a conservative in my mind for about 10 years. They bully each other. The longer I stay up, the more they fight. The only relief I get is sleep. When I wake up in the morning they haven't bullied each other yet so I'm relaxed. I don't punch things, but I get angry. I go on forums and pretend to be a liberal or conservative to get responses from others.

    You should get a punching bag. That's what they would have done 50 years ago. Nowadays, they send you to the psychiatrist and put you on medication. But anyway, you could have a very serious problem. Don't listen to me. Get professional advice.

    What do I think? Here:
    Remind yourself each day to THINK about what you're doing. Don't just REACT. You can't control your life by reacting. That's not to say that reacting is avoidable. We all REACT sometimes. Successful people learn to control it by THINKING.

    Punching a dumb person or a negligent person doesn't help; think. You can punch someone if they punch you, though.
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  9. eagles_fan

    eagles_fan Well-Known Member

    Fuck. I just did it again. I punched my microwave and broke it. Now my mom is looking for a psychiatrist for me to talk to. I need the help right now. I don't need all this anger and aggression. I feel like I'm going to hurt someone, even though that's the last thing I want. I don't want to hurt anyone ever again.

    My brother went to jail for attempted rape and I don't want to be like him. He's a douchebag. I don't want to hurt anyone like that.

    I feel like a loser right now. Completely unlikeable.
  10. Stripe

    Stripe Well-Known Member

    Hitting inanimate objects is compleatly differant from hitting people. I have a really bad temper and like you I sometimes take my anger out on objects around me (I have distroyed 6 Xbox controllers for example, and those fuckers are £30 each!).

    Not hitting or smashing something is difficult for me but not hitting people is much easier. Sometimes I will want to twat someone up-side the head if they annoy me enough, but I can always keep my cool and walk away when its a person I am angry at.

    Good luck in keeping your cool (and getting a new microwave:wink:) in the future.
  11. peacelovingguy

    peacelovingguy Well-Known Member

    Actually johnnysays - I'll save a few thousand bucks and twenty hours of my time listening to you.

    But as for punching things....

    You got pent up anger going on eagles fan.

    And as for brothers and boys fighting - I used to fight all the time - fair fights - it was agreed between parties - and I got scarred for life - not emotionally - it was all in good fun - but physically - I got a few scars.

    I went to an all boys school - anyone wanted to fight could have one with someone else who wanted a fight. You just told someone - and some other boy - maybe with anger thought "OK then" and you'd meet - and fight - and go home with a few cuts and have your tea.

    Bullying scars people emotionally - but just having a fight not so.

    Punch bag is a great idea actually.

    Not sure how old you are but maybe a women would be a calming influence on you.

    So get a punch-bag - do some jogging - don't punch microwaves and Never punch a wire glass window - I did so once - but easy to punch it - difficult to pull your hand put without ripping a tendon. Thank God that tendon was repaired and my guitar playing OK.

    You should talk to someone about this - advice here is not getting through is it?

    How old are you?

    Teenager for sure - but got to say - hope you don't ever hit any of your sisters or your mum!!

    Please try to see that your frustration at whatever is being directed at the wrong people!

    Whoever is making you feel this down - this enraged - be that you or some peer pressure put there - might as well tell us before you punch the 44 inch TV to kingdom come!

    Seriously though mate - direct the anger you have into a punch-bag - because a few minutes hitting that sucker will exhaust you.

    Also do you get argumentative with family? I reckon so - well having the punch-bag would ease that as you punch the bag instead of maybe saying unkind things or provoking or manipulating an argument just to feel alive. It is unfair on family to do this.

    Good luck mate.
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