I need a hug

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I am overwhelmed by all the bill collectors calling, the phone rings constantly.
I cannot find level ground, I pay a bill and it goes up more, it never gets low.I was always a giving person, and in the end, i gave more than i could afford and now i feel my life falling down into a hole. i work 50 hours a week and can't find an out. I really need a hug from someone who understands depression and anxiety. My life in a nutshell is useless. I've suffered from depression most of my life, not only because of the bills but because I can't handle life itself. I'm surprised I made it to 40yrs old. I don't see a future and I don't want to look at my past. I don't know what to do.
:hug: I don't have much experience when it comes to debts but I do know that when you're suffercated by many things at once it really does feel like your trapped and when you're like this, you can't find the solution to problems but there is a solution you just need to find them. I hear of these companies on the TV and internet who will help when it comes to debts so maybe you can look into that. I'm sorry I'm not much help, but as for the depression and anxiety I can totally relate to that and if you want a chat anytime about anything feel free to PM me.

Sa Palomera

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aww :hug: :hug: I know what it's like to have a debt. Just small ones though, but I already freaked out so I cant imagine what someone who has a big debt must feel like :(

:hug: big hug for you :hug:

and if you ever want a private talk, you can always pm me :hug:

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