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I need a job!

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I really can not take this anymore. I have a really good resume! And I can't find anything that will give me experience for my major! I interviewed with a big company last month and the lady told me I did really good. However, I got a very cold email saying that they are hiring someone else and that I shouldn't ask for feed back. And to top it all of apperantly I have no self confidence and my voice is too weak which is what this lady said at the place where I volunteer at to another student!! I feel like no one is giving me a chance!! I know i have a problem with anxiety but I feel like if someone will give me a chance and teach me properly I will do a really good job:(( My life sucks right now....


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I can relate. Getting a job for me is tough. Keeping the job is fine, buts its the whole process of applying and interviewing that screws me up. I hate getting new jobs because i am so self conscious its hard for me to meet and talk with new people. I used to have such bad body image issues that the thought of applying and working somewhere new would depress and scare me.


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Ariel, what was your major? I was a biology major and I'm in the same boat as you. I don't have any experience so it makes it hard to find a job with my degree. I'm still looking for one.

Do you have a more temporary job for the meantime? I'm working in retail right now for the time being. Anyways I hope you find something soon.


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Is there a way to intern in your field so that you can start to get some experience and make some connections? Many ppl break into an industry that way? best of luck, J
yeah thats why I gave up job hunting this year and went back to school/uni. its sooo hard and I know how you feel about giving chances. I have been in the same boat and it sucks =( Good Luck you will strike gold soon =D
Hey guys!! Thanks so much for the support!! I still have no job, but I am still trying. There is this career center at my school. I will make an appointment to get some lessons on how to interview, so hopefully this will help. I do have a lot of anxiety and I feel as though what I say to potential employers does not represent me well!! I wish all of us luck! Hopefully we will get out of this alive and with a job!!
Is there a way to intern in your field so that you can start to get some experience and make some connections? Many ppl break into an industry that way? best of luck, J
Hey J!

Thanks! Yes there is internship that is set up with my school. I have been to two locations with that but have not had any job opportunity and at the time I did them, I really was not looking for a job. However this summer I will be doing one for a month and I am hoping and praying I will be able to do a good job and really impress the people that work there enough to help me out. But as far as intern from school that is it. The jobs where I am applying to now, I will be considered an intern, but I will be paid, unlike for the one organized by the school. My problem right now is not really money wise, but the fact that I need to get in with a company right now when I am in school, or else my chance of getting a job after I graduate are very slim.
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