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  1. I was seeing this guy for a while everything was great and he treated me really good just a few days before he broke up with me he said he was so happy that he met me and how happy I made him now I dont care what happened I tell myself I`ll find a better one but that sitiuation really hurted me I havent felt that way in a long time but what I really want to know is why is he bothering me? because me and him go to the same school so we see each other alot we talk we`ll still friends but some of the things he says puzzles me like after a few months after the break up he said to me "I know where you sleep dont fall asleep tonight cause I`m taking you out on a date" so I acted like I didnt hear and he keeps asking about me to my guy friend like is she going to prom if so can she come in my limo? and like hows she doing and just a few days ago he took a picture of me and said I was pretty I still give him hugs cause he says we`re best friends and then he says immature things to me like Im child and other stupid things well this all started when I started to date another guy does he just want to hurt me again or what?:sad: :sad: :sad:
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    i wish i knew. to be honest, he could just be hurting you. or inside he still cares for you. it's very hard to say. im in a situation like this aswell, it's very confusing and troubling. just try to do the best thing for you.
  3. thanks for the reply :laugh: yeah that could be it I feel so much better because now I have alot more friends to talk to before I didnt really have anybody to talk to cause I was new at school
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    I'm confused. Did he explain he wanted to end your relationship in the first place? It sounds as though he misses you but is too embarrassed to admit he made a mistake. Perhaps he sees that you're doing well without him and wants to believe you still want him.

    You could always put your foot down and ask him why he does the things he does. Tell him to back off or give you some space. Whatever his reasons, he sounds rather immature and confused. You're better to be rid of him.
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    He doesn't love you. He's pushing your buttons with comments like 'you're pretty', and 'I'm taking you out'. Please, don't flirt back, because you'll only cause yourself mental anguish. He's one of those guys who loves the chase, but not the r'ship. Basically, he's insecure, and wants to believe that you still have 'feelings' for him. His ego wants re-assurance - Don't give it to him.
    His subtle tactics could also be a calculated attempt to undermine your new r'ship.
    You'll learn from this.
  6. well he did explain why he wanted to end the relationship and I never show any sighs that I still want him I act happy and normal around him cause I have my best friends and no I dont flirt with him back I just talk to him just like any other person anything he says that is confusing I just ignore it before he broke up with me he said his ex gf`s were crazy like really jealouse and chased him but what he realized that I wasnt anything like that I was calm person never started any drama or made him unhappy like his Ex gf`s
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