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    okay, i didn't know where else to go because i don't have friends. I'm in marching band, and in the past i really really liked it, but right now since i'm depressed, yeah, i'll admit i don't like it as much, but on one side, i'm kind of convinced that it's just because i'm depressed that i don't find it so much fun, and if i eventually stop being depressed, i'd be really upset that i quit.
    well, i have a wart on my toe and i've been trying to get rid of it for years and years now--home remedies as well as gotten it frozen. so we (my mom and i) have decided i'll need to go to a foot doctor and get it cut out. but she waited forever to make an appointment (i know it's not right to blame it all on her but whatever.)
    so she calls me today and tells me i have an appointment for friday morning. but marching band camp starts on monday, and it's going to take much longer than a weekend before i can march on it well!! It took longer than that for me to walk normally after i got frozen. so we got in a big fight. see, with my school if you're not at band camp you can't march the show, because you won't be in the drill. so i feel that since i won't be able to march for band camp, he's going to kick me out. so i'd rather wait until marching band is over, but my mom is saying that my wart will just get worse, and wants me to do it now.
    so my question is this:

    What do I do? Do I quit band? Do I just not march? Do I wait to go to the doctor?

    please help me!

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    quitting wouldnt be the right solution since you already feel that you shouldnt and kind of know why you arent enjoying it at the moment. i think you should go to the doctor and explain the situation. they may either set up a new appointment or give you a way so you can be at the camp. you might want to talk to the band director too, so that if all else fails and you cant be at the camp, he already knows ahead of time about what is going on and you wont get kicked out.