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Discussion in 'Self Harm & Substance Abuse' started by taranama, Dec 16, 2007.

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  1. taranama

    taranama Well-Known Member

    ok, so lately i'm thinkin that i cut because i need to like......punish myself or something. like...if i do something bad, and it hurts some one else but they seem ok, and just go on as if nothing happened i feel really....guilty or something, so i cut..

    just wondering if anyone else feels like this?

    i don't know if i'm able to describe this as well as i want to be able to.....
    sorry for my lack of language skills.........
  2. netsirk

    netsirk Active Member

    Hi. I also cut and I understand completely about cutting to punish yourself. I too have felt this way and have many times cut just for that reason. I can be reached any time you want to talk more about this by pm. I always feel guilty, and I always feel like I've done something wrong so I need to be punished.

    Anyway, you can pm me any time.
  3. jane doe

    jane doe Well-Known Member

    Hi and welcome!! well guilt it`s the first step in this road you know? i think all of us started feeling guil or anger when we did it the first time. I think this advice may help you:
    guilt it`s mostly produced by the lack of b12 vitamine(believe it or not) and if you want you can get it by eating red meat, eggs ,milk and clams

    hope you can feel better. Sometimes people feel guil for reasons they shouldn`t. and then you must think that no one diserves you hurt yourself, no matter what you``ve done:)
  4. Will

    Will Staff Alumni

    I understand entirely. This is probably why I do most of my cutting. I always feel like I fail / make mistakes all the time, so I just take it upon myself to punish me. Though I don't know :unsure: I guess I'm kinda cruel with myself.
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