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I need help before I kill them!!!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Family, Friends and Relationships' started by A_pixie, Dec 14, 2010.

  1. A_pixie

    A_pixie Well-Known Member

    My Mother is a spineless idiot who is letting my uncle take over our lives.

    The guy is an absolute moron. He's lived here for almost a year now and my Mum has yet to see a penny! He's an alcoholic bum who spends all his money on booze and comes home drunk and boasts to me, his 24 year old niece, about how many girls he's fucked that night! It's disgusting!

    Did I mention he's a total bullshitter who calls himself "the govenor" and wants to be a gangster?! He lies and lies and LIES about all these famous people he's beaten up and how everyone here looks up to him.

    I wouldn't even admit being related to the twat.

    I mean this DOUCHEBAG is 45 years old!

    My sister is an even bigger **** than he is though and they argue frequently. Whenever I try to stand up for myself to that dumb bitch he gets involved insisting that I am "stressing my mum out" considering that they ONLY react when I stand up for myself....they have conditioned me to take abuse and react badly when I don't as she will abuse them instead of me when I fight back.

    Her acting up is the norm you see, and they go WAY over the top to compensate their negligent lack of parenting for her. They lie and say they only come down harder on me because they suspect that she is mentally reatarded and I'm not. How fucking unfair is that?!

    Back to that waste of space uncle: He has an 18 year old kid who he hasn't seen in years who he has left stranded, completely without money...he wouldn't get a job for a year because he didn't like the music the job centre played down the phone and the odd jobs he does now he doesn't turn up to whenever he is hungover! My Mum has STILL seen no rent money!

    Then the utter, utter DUMBFUCK believes that he can tell me I don't know what I'm doing with MY life because of one arguement I have with the mother over her attempts at conditioning me taking abuse from my sister. Apparently I am to sit there quietly and take it like a good little bitch when my sister calls me a "lying sack of shit" when I was very much, telling the truth!

    Then when I cut myself out of sheer frustration, he tells me I have no clue where I'm going in my life and that I need to grow up.

    Talk about the pot and the fucking kettle!

    I'M the one that needs to grow up??? I would never turn up to work hungover let alone take the day off cause of it! If I had an 18 year old kid out there, I would make sure he was alright fincially - but then again I wouldn't abandon him either as a parental figure! I would never live on someone's sofa for a year then spend ALL my money on booze and leave it to them to put my dinner in front of me!

    FUCKING HELL!!!!!!!!

    I want to kill him!!!!!!

    What's worse is that my idiot of a mother is too timid and emotionally unstable to kick his lazy arse out. She just buries her head in the sand and hopes for the best and then blows up AT ME when I dare have an opinion on her being taken for a ride.

    I need advice.....badly. I have plans to move out in June (long story as to why it's June) but that is ages away.

  2. shades

    shades Staff Alumni

    I would just say to hold on until June and make as much space as you can between yourself and any members of the family that are stressing you out, which seems like all of them. They are on a path of self-destruction and if you mother can't stand up for yourself the only thing that might help would be group therapy, which doesn't seem likely for them.

    Like I said, please hold on until June, when you can relax a bit and maybe you can help your mom from afar if that's what you wish to do. Maybe you won't be able to help them, but it's worth a try...again though, not until you move out.

    Just my own opinion as an outsider...

    Take care...


    OH YEAH...almost forgot...PLEASE DON'T KILL ANYBODY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Reki

    Reki Well-Known Member

    It's probably going to be a rough ride until June but looking for ways to distance yourself from them until then is the best thing to do. Your uncle doesn't sound like he's going to get himself together anytime soon and if it's your mother's house it's her responsibility to get rid of him. If she won't do it and gets upset when it gets brought up, it doesn't sound like there's much that can be done on your end. I hope something turns positive for you soon to at least help you hold out a while longer. Your mom should kick him out just for that 'the governor' shit, it's a wonder you guys can all fit in the same house with that ego.
  4. Socialman

    Socialman Well-Known Member

    OMG! I have an uncle that does the exact same thing with his ego, but he isn't a bum. Pisses me off. I hate people with big egos. He's so selfish that he won't even call my sister for her birthday because they were born on the same day. They expect me to change, but can't see their own flaws. At least I can see mine.