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I need help but don't know what I need

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I know that doesn't make much sense. I am sorry. I had such a good day yesterday and last night and today are horrible. I called my therapist and she says that I am afraid of change, afraid of getting better. I dunno, but I feel so desperate right now. I want to SH. I have since last night.

Is there anybody out there?


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I know how you feel. I want to feel better, but every time I think I've turned over a new leaf, something happens and I go back to SH and bad thoughts.


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i understand the fear of change thing, but thats because we are used to how we feel right now....we may not understand it but its who we are at the moment and any change of any nature is scary but to suggest you are scared of getting better is odd because if you didnt want to get better you wouldnt see a therapist surely. i see a therapist to get better, but i dont see myself getting better, which are different and maybe that is what it is with you. i too SH and have a battle with it but to be honest i think you have to be strong to self harm, not weak. all therapists are different and after seeing several psychiatrists in and out of hospital, they all had different opinions so dont be unsettled by what your therapist said. i am seeing a good psychologist now and even tho for the most part i dont hear him, i feel he gets what i have been trying to say for the last 18 months. maybe change therapist if you can, but dont take everything as gospel if you dont feel comfortable with it, as it just feeds your feelings. :hugtackles:


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Your therapist is nuts. You're wanting to SH, and all your therapist can say is that you don't want change?? You've been trying to change for months now, and yet she fails to see the progress you have made. She needs to be put in the looney bin!


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hi hun, im sorry things are so hard for you just now, i feel the same, knowing we need help and knowing what is very tough. i hope you can find the strength to find yourself and be able to work through this difficult time. :hug:


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Angie- I am sorry, I know how much a comment like that can make you feel even more confused then when you were before. I know you've been with your therapist for a while, maybe ask her why she would think such a thing. Maybe, if she can give more specifics/details, it might help you to understand this a little better. I hope you feel better!!! Here if ever needed, sorry if I'm annoying. kmj221
People shouldn't be so quick to jump on your therapist. Because I know exactly what she means, having been there myself, we get so used to feeling awful - that it's all we know how to do - all we feel secure in because it's all we know.

Message me if you wanna talk it over - my MSN is always open through PM...

Much love,


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:hug: goose

wish i had seen this earlier

i totally understand how you feel. you know my doc is pushing me to work to make money and it has me all confused and in a terrible place.

i :wub: you more than anything and will always be here for you
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