i need help honestly

Discussion in 'Grief and Bereavement' started by rocky_outcold, Feb 24, 2008.

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    this is hard to say i met this girl 7 months ago, honestly for 7 months it felt like years im the kinda person who sticks with someone for a certain amount of time then im finished..but this girl my god she was like me are interests personality everything, i met this girl once before didnt feel anything i met her again almost 2 years later and when i saw her i fel in love with her that moment..my best friend liked her for a long time but never made a move but i decided to do the worst thing i gave him up for her it was worth it i would do it again, ppl usaully say bros before whoes but i didnt follow the rule anyways for six months very few problems happened then i had this other friend who was a girl who liked me she lied to my gf and she broke up with me two weeks i gave my life up to get her bak and yes i was successful, things are different now she lies i feel like i dont know her anymore, and i think shes dragging me around and today she broke up with me and i have no clue what to do evryone tells me you can do better she isnt worth it, to be honest ppl she is worth it it may not seem like it but i knew her for months and could tell u she is worth it im resulting to the worst things right now cause we arnt together ill leave the details. but right now if im not dead i feel dead inside
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    Your problem is that you have 2 girls after you? Quit patronizing people with real issues.
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    omg how rude. who r u to say thats not a real problem. get out of urself abit therebuddy ur arigance smells bad.
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    erm, read his post properly and you wouldn't come out with a load of crap like that. Idiot.

    Back to the OP, god that is a tough one. Time can be a healer and I hope it is for you. As for that girl who lied, there's no point trying to get revenge, but she must be a real cow to do something like that. I hope you can manage to persuade your girl to come back. Take care.