I need help, i just dont know what to do anymore

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by dsomers, Nov 29, 2011.

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  1. dsomers

    dsomers New Member

    I just feel like my life has been a complete failure and theres nothing i can do. In high school (grades 10 & 11) i felt as though i was unstoppable, my grades were great, i made so many great friends, and i had a car and could pay my own gas and insurance with money to spare. Everyone i knew thought i would be successful by now. im 20 and this will be my third year out of high school, and i havent accomplished anything. I failed university completely which was a huge dissapointment to my whole family, in grade 12 i got a dui which really effected me because i live and breathe cars ( i realize its my fault and take all blame but before i became completely blackout unconcious drunk i remember giving my friend my keys and he said he would drive me home). I started dealing with depression around halfway through grade 12 and it hasn't gone away though some days are easier than others.

    Presently, i feel like i have nothing to live for, i can't keep a job or a relationship because i just don't care about anything anymore. In order for me to get a car i need LOTS of money but everytime i get on a bus to go to work i can't help but feel like a complete loser. Probably 80% of the time i wake up feeling like i should end life right now. I feel like i let my whole family down they had very high expectations for me and i can't even keep a dead end job.

    I just don't what to do anymore currently the only thing keeping me alive is that my mom would be devastated. Any suggestions for me? (im just venting my feelings)
  2. Severijn

    Severijn Well-Known Member

    Hey dsomers. Sorry to hear you're having so much trouble.

    What education did you do? Was it something with cars?

    You are still very young, 20. Is there no way you can begin a new education? With 20 years of age, you can still fit in with the younger people who begin college at like age 18/19.

    Also what really works is reading self-improvement books. Your local bookstore probably has a self-help section. So consider buying some books about confidence, goal-setting, accepting yourself, getting in touch with a more spiritual side. These things can really help. And next to that, doing some exercise will also make you feel better.

    Remember, you are still young, and anything can happen.
  3. dsomers

    dsomers New Member

    Thanks I was planning on going into business in school but I've completely lost my focus in life and I highly doubt my successful completion of school otherwise I would go back. I've also been reading self help books but I'm just one of those people that just doesn't get enthusiastic about a lot of things.
  4. jht9663

    jht9663 Member

    I don't exercise very often but when I do I feel well refreshed and energized. Maybe exercise is a solution? Also, maybe creating your own psychotherapy might help. i.e. some therapy that you invent that is just for you.

    Hope you feel better and I'll probably be on and off till about 11PM EDT (4AM GMT) if you want to talk.

    Warm regards,
  5. alixer

    alixer SF Supporter

    Don't give up your dream of education. I did finish college but picked the wrong major. I'm basically starting again with distance learning. Maybe that might an option. You're 10 years younger than I. You've got more time than you realise. And in a few years the DUI will go away. Nothing can stop you unless you let it.
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