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  1. iceeblusmurf

    iceeblusmurf Senior Member

    ok so some of you already know most of this but i'm gonna start from the beginning for those who don't.

    I am 20 years old. at 18 i went straight to college and was there for about a year and a half. i was living in the dorm my freshman year, but its very expensive. my sophmore year i moved out and into an apartment with my boyfriend. so we were both working, i was going to school. well in october i had an ankle injury and was on crutches, which caused me to not be able to work( the human relations offive at my job wouldn't let me come in even though i said i'd still work) well when i was finally off crutches and able to come back a month later the managemnt wasn't happy with me and were going to find a reason to fire me (another manager who i was close with told me i had better leave before they found a reason to fire me) so i left and started looking for another job. well after 3months of that, my boyfriend said he couldn't support me anymore. i had to drop out of college and move back in with my mom. and so there i continued to search for a job. i finally found one a few weeks back. well we found out that the mobile park my mom lives in is very strict. they have a rule that anyone 18 and over that leaves for 4months or more and tries to come back for 3 weeks or more has to put in a rental application and be approved... well i did and they denied me for lack of rental history ( i was never on the lease at the apartment with the boyfriend, it was his apartment before and we just didn't add me). So now i have to leave...and i have no where to go. seriously i have NO ONE who can put me up and i am on the verge of being in shelters/on the streets. i need help, i don't know what to do...........like i have my job but i don't have money for a down payment anywhere......i don't know what to do i'm stuck....please can anyone help me or help me figure out what to do???

    I'm in Oregon in the Portland area if that helps at all.....

    PLEASE HELP ME! i hate to have to do this but i'm seriously in serious trouble and need help!
  2. patacake

    patacake Well-Known Member

    jess , this is a very desperate time and goodness knows it seems hopeless but somehow the sun will shine on you sweetie, u are a goodhearted soul and someone will be there in your hour of need . check that theres not a rule stating that u can stay over as a guest but not live there that way u may just need a friend to have u over an odd night and stay home with ur mom as a guest for others.

    Ill be thinking of u , id certainly help if were uk hunni as i have a spare .But that not being an option stay strong darling , something will come your way youll see.


  3. janie

    janie Well-Known Member

    If anyone knows any social help/ charity services that might be able to help it would be cool to post them up...i dont know any.
  4. Tom88

    Tom88 Member

    Well id be able to help you physically if we were in the same state but all I can give you is some advice. First of all id try to reason with the people that are giving you shit, explain the situation and ask them what you have to do to live there... at the utmost you should try that every way possible before resorting to anything else. The next thing that id try is to look for a new place to stay, check newspapers for people looking for roomates, I know my friend in Fresno found a couple of roomates on this one site for his appartment so tomorrow if you want I can ask him what the site was. This is what I want to do but I simply dont make enough money in order to move out, about 700 or so which leaves me about 200 after all my bills (truck payment, insurance, internet, and gym (yes I go to the gym ><)). A third but kind of awkward option that you should consider last restort (cause living in a shelter or streets is no way to live at all) is to join the Air Force, I say this because the Air Force is easier then the army, and you definately dont want to go marines. You sign up, maybe get a bonus like I did, for 2 years, serve in, if you like it you stay in if you dont you get out, 2 years is what I was in for. After Basic and AIT I had $2000 saved up because I never had the chance to use it much and that was 6 months I spent about 1000 in that time, and when I was discharged I was pushing $10,000, they really do take care of you in the service, yea you have the chance of getting deployed but anything could happen anywhere. If I think of anything else ill post it later.
  5. iceeblusmurf

    iceeblusmurf Senior Member

    OK so i can't talk to the people giving me shit because my mom wont let me for fear of her getting kicked out too. i can't join the airforce because of injuries i have i can't run or anything that they require and everything.

    I'm trying to find a place to move into on craigslist.com but i need to try and find atleast $500 for a downpayment...so i need help getting that kind of money together......so if anyone has any ideas PLEASE let me know. this is pretty urgent i need it all pretty fast.
  6. Dubstepper

    Dubstepper Staff Alumni

    ill be here when you need me. im doing my best to find you any help i can..im researching solutions in my spare time...maybe gettin some info on a grant or somehting from the government..i know someone who can do that stuff....
  7. EmoNeko

    EmoNeko Guest

    Iz der any bankz u kud borrow teh moneyz frum? Ther is even payday loan placez wich wil give u a TERRIBLE intrest rate, but if ya got a job & kno u kan make teh money quikly. Jus see wat teh intrest will be. u may have ta pay back 650 for borrowin teh 500 or somethin. Me dunno jus an idea. Look fer local places or Type payday loan inta google. Jus be weary of scams. And many of thes loans u hafta pay back in a week or 10 dayz so make sure u ask how long u got ta pay it bak. I would ask teh bank first.
  8. gentlelady

    gentlelady Staff Alumni

    My sister lives out in Oregon and when she ran into financial trouble and lost where she was living the Mormon Church helped her out. She isn't Mormon so I don't know how she even got hooked up with the help, but I know she went to the free meals offered in the churches. It's a thought anyway.
  9. Sadeyes

    Sadeyes Staff Alumni

    One of the best options is to go to your local hospital or community health board and hook up with a social worker who knows the resources in your area...you may be eligible for housing and other supports...just a thought, best of luck, J
  10. iceeblusmurf

    iceeblusmurf Senior Member

    K more developments......they are making me leave this weekend. i had to call into work and tell them that i can't go to my shift tomorrow because i need to figure things out.........i'm so screwed. i'm homeless.....i don't know how much i'll be able to be on here.....if anyone has any like major ideas or ways to help me you can contact Mikelspencr or Diver200 because they can both get ahold of me......please i hate to beg but i REALLY need help i'm so screwed....
  11. Oenone

    Oenone Member


    What state are you in? I am a lawyer, and as an opinion -- not advice -- I would say you shouldn't leave so easily. In virtually all states, there are severe limitations on landlords' power to evict residential tenants (particularly paying tenants -- your mom is up to date on the payments, isn't she?). Many landlords, particularly in low-income housing, try to take advantage of their tenants and the fact that they don't know the law. If I were you -- but then again, I am a lawyer -- I would let them sue me and go to court. Landlord-tenant judges tend to go easy on tenants who show up unrepresented. I would make the argument that your landlord's rules are unreasonable and punitive, and that their denial of your application is also unreasonable. In your circumstances, under the laws of most states, you are still a dependent child even though you are over 18 -- and if this is the case in your state, the circumstances in which the landlord can make stricter rules are quite limited. Perhaps, what your landlord is doing is not only inequitable, but illegal as well. If you tell me what state you are in, I'll try to point you in the direction of relevant statutes. Feel free to PM me.

    Even if the judge does decide to evict you, he or she will most likely give you a few days to find housing. And remember, the mobile park's administration cannot evict you themselves. Lockouts and forceful removal are illegal, unless done by a sheriff with a valid court order -- as far as I know, that is the law in every state, regardless of what your lease says or what your mom signed.

    EDIT: Also, contact the Legal Aid in your area. They might give you a very low-cost or free lawyer re. your housing issue. Or call your local county bar association, and they'll point you in the right direction.
  12. iceeblusmurf

    iceeblusmurf Senior Member

    I'm in oregon. and the problem is my mom refuses to fight anything with them because she doesn't want to get kicked out herself. its bull shit.....i'm pretty much screwed on all ends....i have no where to go i've been on the phone all morning trying to find something.
  13. Oenone

    Oenone Member

  14. janie

    janie Well-Known Member

    jess id try to make it to that shift cos u need the money. I agree with Oenone- i think the circumstances under which you are being kicked out are ridiculous- they pretty much gave u no notice or let you have time finding another form of accommodation which I'm sure is standard law for any developed country. I'd Stay put (Especially if all they've done is send pieces of paper.) - and if they come to physically kick you out call the police- at least then there will be people who know the law present. And from what you've told me i wouldn't be afraid of going to court because- the reason for which they are evicting u is wrong (u do have rental history ur-ex can prove that) and if anything they should give you time to find another accommoadtion before physically kicking u out.
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  15. ~CazzaAngel~

    ~CazzaAngel~ Staff Alumni

    Jessie Hun,

    I tried to help you figure something out last time you thought you'd be kicked out. :sad: I know I wasn't much help, I don't know much about Oregon.. If everything else fails, see if you can go to a church or so and see if they can help, I know around here they have helped put people up in motels and such or with a bit of money for a while until the person can get enough money for a house or apartment. You know where to find me if you want to talk, text me, call me, message me, what ever you'd like.

    Take care of yourself. :hug:
  16. Tom88

    Tom88 Member

    I dont know if this is a bad idea or not but maybe theres someone here who lives in Oregon that could help you out by providing temporary shelter... or maybe there is someone at your work that could help you out at least until you can figure your problems out.

    Keep me updated plz I wanna know how things turn out, message me on msn messenger if you want
  17. LenaLunacy

    LenaLunacy Well-Known Member

    Hun :hug:
    Im sorry to hear about all of this :(
    This must be a terrible time for you.
    I don't know what to suggest, but i will see if i can find anything.
    Like Tom said maybe you can find a friend or someone you can stay with for a little while just till you can get something sorted more permanently.
    Am here for you hun
  18. janie

    janie Well-Known Member

    Hey everyone I don't usually post threads but I guess this is important enough.

    As some of you may know Iceeblesmurf is in a bit of a mess right now- To sum things up:
    1)She is homeless and have already tried everyone she knows (which unfoirtunately isnt many) to find a place to stay.
    2)She is looking for a place to rent herself, but she doesn't have any savings (at all) for the down payments which im guessing would be around $500 area?
    3)She does have a job right now and so she would be able to eventually save up a downpayment and then support herself in a cheap place.

    The problem is she needs a place to stay thats within reach of where she works so she can keep working and be safe at nights so she can dig herself out of this mess.

    Currently she is staying at a friend's place (after gettin kicked out by her mum) thats is unfortunately 3-4miles to the nearest busstop and about 30mins drive to her work (she has almost no possessions ie car.) She is not sure if they will let her stay past the weekend. Also the place is a bit too far for her to commute to work

    Jess is a hardworking person and i think she will be able to get back on her own two feet if she just gets out of this jam. Her option right now is to stay at the homeless shelter at night if she wants to be within in reach of her work to keep working.

    IF anyone has any connections or will be able to give her a hand with a SAFE place to stay at night in the Portland Oregon area - (even camping out in a lawn's probably better than the homeless shelter) please consider asking and lending her a hand. Or if anyone is able to hook her up with a second job or has connections for that in that area (just temporarily until she saves up a downpayment) please also consider asking.

    I know this is already been mentioned in the crisis forum and there are people already helping (Thanks you guys) but she is too busy with finding a place/contacting legal aid trying to find another job/working for letting people know that she is still (if not more) screwed and is in need of a hand
  19. iceeblusmurf

    iceeblusmurf Senior Member

    Hey Guys,
    Thank you guys so much for your replies and cares. I'm staying at a homeless shelter in the portland area for now. i'm hoping to move to tacoma with my boyfriend, to stay with him for a while so i can save money. but we are waiting on his room mate to say its ok, and hes away on his two weeks for the army reserves. so yeah it will be atleast two weeks that i'm stuck in the shelter. its not fun, but i mean its better then the streets cuz i was almost there last night. Just so people know, my phone was broken so i need numbers again (IE carolyn, courtney, anyone else i'm not thinking of right now.) but yeah. anyways, i'm trying to keep in touch as i can, mainly frank (diver200) and Mike are the only ones i've been in constant contact with, and i contact Jani when i can, but its hard. so those are the people to go to if you need to get ahold of me, i don't have a lot of chances to get on the computer but i do when i can.

    Anyways i need to go for now. Please e-mail its pretty lonely for me right now so hearing from people would really do me some good and give me somethisng to do replying to all those e-mails.

    Thanks Guys! I LOVE YOU ALL!

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