i need help still...

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my name is merissa im 16 years old i tried <mod edit - method> and i was almost suscessful...that night in my sleep i could feel myself loosing air, just hardly not breathing i started to dial 911 but the call didnt go through after that my vision was all backwards but my point is here i need someone just anybody to help me.... i suffer from depression and anxiety for a couple years now its getting worse i have sucidal thoughts and dreams i think i need help badly..
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Hi there Merissa

I am sorry you had to go this far hun. What has happened that made you do this to yourself?

I would heavily suggest you went to see your doctor and tell them what you did, and get some help. You may need both medical attention as well as you need help to deal with your issues and those thoughts you deal with.

You deserve to feel better than this, you deserve to allow yourself to fight to get better!

Please keep posting on the forum him, and you're always welcome to talk to me! *hugs*


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Hi, Merissa. I am sorry you felt that badly and are still not feeling better.

Have you talked to your parents or a trusted friend? Do you have school counsellors who might be able to help?

If you are in crisis and scared right now, maybe it's a good time to call 911 again. Or maybe a crisis line. You can message me your country and city and I can look for a crisis line for you if you'd like.

Please keep us posted on how you're doing. *hug*


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Hi Merissa, I am always around if you need someone to talk to. I am sorry life is treating you so badly but this bad time will pass eventually, just know that. Do you have any friends in school? Anyone you trust enough to talk to? *hugs*
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