i need help with my friend.

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by pckiller07, Jun 24, 2007.

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  1. pckiller07

    pckiller07 Member

    PLEASE READ through i know its long but i realy need your help.

    this is what happend... basicly she pulls me a side one day and tells me that she realy loves me and she has for a long time, and she goes on and on about how much she is in love with me. So im not going to lie to her and i tell her the truse like " i dont feel the same way about her and i think of her as a friend". the next few days she's crying and mad at me because i dont feel the same way, but i forgive her because i know how hard it is to tell some one this but then a week of this went on so i tryed to avoid her. this only made the situation wores, so i sat down with her and exsplaned to her that i dont have the same feeling again and again. so a bout a week goes by and i dont see her then one day she shows up and her wrists are all cutt up and she tells me that she does'nt want to live any more because i wont go out with her. and she tells me that because im so special to her that no one ells can replace me. and thats why she's going to kill her self. me and one of my other friends went to a councelor to get help for her and she is now getting help. im suicdial my self and i dont want to be around her because she is so anoing, she calls my home every day for no reason and she gets mad at me because i dont want to talk but most reasintly she call me and tells me that she cant go on any more because of me. and i didnt do any thing, all i want now is for her to leave me alone with out her killing her self. im tierd of the guilt trip she puts me on just because i dont like her that way. right now im happy with my life and every time she calls it just sucks the life right out of me. some one please help me get her out of my life. because with out a doubt in my minde i know if i tell her that i dont ever want to talk to her again she will kill her self. PLEASE HELP ME!!!!
  2. altek001

    altek001 Well-Known Member

    feelings like that don't change overnight...or ever. i loved one of my friends the same way she does you and try as i did to make her change her mind...she just thought it was all sorts of lame. i almost killed myself over her, too...but she didn't know. she'll never know how close i was.

    anyways...this is your thread...you've already told her how you feel and..there isn't much more than you can do. just tell her she's awesome and such but just not right for you. should she dig deeper just tell her she's 'not and that's all.' and if she runs off afterwards saying she's going to kill herself CALL COPS, PARENTS, ETC. ANYONE.

    it seems like you're doing alright so far...you've handled things just about as i would have...telling the councelor about her was way smart...just keep councelors and whoever informed. that is way important.

    hope things turn out. take care...
  3. themuffinman

    themuffinman Member

    Pull her aside and tell her that you dont share the same feelings as her (careful not to say that you dont love her) but you will be there for her as a friend, some one to trust, and some one to seek solace from. Let her understand that you dont have to love some one to be there for them.
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