I need help with my life situations,i feel hopeless and life doesnt seem to keep going

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by someguyfrommars, May 23, 2016.

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  1. To explain my situation i feel hopeless in exisiting in life.I spend 5 years in prison accused of snatching a phone(yes this is real)when in reality the phone was handed to be so my charge should be a theft by recieving.I am traumazied from the prison expierence(nothing happened to me)just the stuff i witness and how i was treated like gorilla snot(worse).Anyways i got recently released a few months ago i live with my sister and her boyfriend.My sister is a good person but she pizzes me off sometime on how she think she can just talk over me.I have 5 years probation(a split sentence is wut i had gotten) and i have changed my ways im trying to move on with my life but this probation thing be stressing me and knowing im foot away back to being locked up.I have a job for a company but i know if my probation officer verifys/calls the job they will find out im a ex-felon and fire me.I'm starting to feel hopeless and i also havent had any luck with any women(yet) i feel like shyt i feel powerless.I got the probation on my tail and my family can talk to me anyway and kick me out anyway time.I'm now depressed/angry and wondering what is the point of life?I been praying that ill DIE or get hit by a car even though i dont believe in God.My life sucks and i see no point in keep going on top of that i want the probation thing to end cuz im innocent of crime(seriously) so maybe if i cant some way get a lawyer either civil or criminal this probation can end and i can move on with my life and move out of my folks house.But with my luck i just dont see it happening,im at ends road and dont know how long i can keep living.
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    Hi Someguyfrommars, that's a rough situation to be in. I believe you when you say you're innocent. Even if you were not, the sentence seems too severe for the crime, especially when big business can steal millions and get away with it. I encourage you not to give up on life, you have to be a strong person to get through 5yrs in prison. ita sad that even after someone has paid their so called debt to society, they are penalized for the rest of their lives with a prison record.
    Continue to use your strength to free yourself. If you can get a lawyer to prove your innocence and clear your name, that would be great. Welcome to the forum, you will find supportive people here. Take care and good luck.
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    Hi there and welcome to the forum. I am glad you joined. I think you should try calmly talking to your sister and see if things die down before making any rash decisions. You have joined a great community here, there is so much support to be gained from here :) I hope you will be able to prove your innocence. Just know that you are not alone in this.
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    While the concern over the job is very reasonable if you lied on application so could lose the job if they call talking to probation officer may help. In general they are far too busy to bother with a lot of that stuff. Otherwise than that , so long as following the probation terms it is not any big deal and not worth worrying about. The fear of going back is of course very justified, but make sure can pass a urinalysis an stay out of trouble and the probation is a non issue, I would suggest spending your time worrying on how to get a better living situation like your own efficiency apartment or something so not having to worry about your sister. TBF to your sister, is she is letting you live with her she gaet to make the rules and have the control- so finding a place of your own will help that immensely. It will also help the possibility of getting a girlfriend when you have your own place. Concentrate on what you can do to make your situation better and make a plan to do those things to get feeling of hope back in your life- you deserve that feeling and the possibilities is opens to you.
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