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Discussion in 'I Have a Question...' started by RainbowChaser, Aug 13, 2007.

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    Okay, so basically I've made a new friend tonight. Her daughter is really good friends with my youngest sister, which is how we've met. My sister went over to their house today, and my new friend bought her back around 7pm-ish, and stayed talking to me, my grandad and my parents till after 9pm.

    Eventually we ended up talking about mental health (my Grandad was a psychiatric nurse for a good amount of his working life), and she admitted that she had depression and borderline personality order. I'm guessing anxiety too.

    I can help her with all that, I know I can. At least with me she's not alone. The problem is, she's got two kids (twins, a boy and a girl) and her ex is trying to fight for full custody of them due to her "mental state". As far as I can tell, he won't get it, but the fight will be tough on her. What's the best I can do to help her through that? I've never had to deal with that (although my parents split when I was younger, my mum pretty much handed over custody to my dad, so there was no custody battle).

    I'm scared that this might be what would break her :sad:
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    the best you can do is making her realize the truth.

    For a start kids are don't stay with the parents that wants them them most. That is selfish. Also her husband probably knows her pretty well, and if he is fighting for the kids, that means that he probably has good reasons. An finaly she is never going to lose the kids... she can visit them, probably every day.
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