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  1. notreallyhere

    notreallyhere New Member

    I hear voices in my head have done since I was very young ive tried to commit suicide countless times I started self harming at 7 years old its taken all the doctors ive seen throuh my life a long time to diagnose me I have serve depression and paranoid schizophrenia I have been on many different types of medication and I was doing well for a few month up until 2 weeks ago when I had an alergic reaction to the medication they had given me now ive had no medocation for 2 weeks and I am being warched all the time by my family even now as I write this my mum is sat watching me I feel so lost and not in control anymore I dont want to die but I feel like its really the only option I have I see thearapists and things but ive had this for so long im just fed up of it the voices have always told me to harm myself but recently they are telling me to harm my family and I really dont want to do it but its so hard to control myself my damily thinks I should be in hospital but I just can't make myself go im lost so so lost
  2. total eclipse

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    Hi hun so hard when those voices won' t leave you alone I do hope they can get you back on some meds soon to get voices away. It would not be long hun if you did go into hospital they would be able to get your meds upped more quickly because you would be monitored and then you would feel better faster hun Please go in if that is what it takes to keep you safe and your family hugs
  3. WildCherry

    WildCherry Staff Member ADMIN

    I know going into the hospital is a scary thought, but it might be the quickest way to get back on meds so the voices are controlled. Please consider it, especially since the voices are encouraging you to harm yourself and others!
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