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Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by Jakesinblack, Apr 16, 2007.

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  1. Jakesinblack

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    my life has gone from bad to worse since the start of this new year... for one, my girlfriend whom i love to death broke up with me after i did everything i could for the relationship, she then proceeded to lead me on, telling me that after this semester we would go back out, she just needed time off, ect. then she tells me she likes someone else, oh, sorry for telling you to wait for that long, but we are over...

    to top that off, i used to be a cross country/track runner, and a very good one, and as of last fall, my lungs have been failing me. ive gone to the doctors a number of times and they cant figure out whats wrong with me. Its a horrible feeling, my body can keep up with my expectations, but my lungs cant... ive dont nothing to call this on, i dont smoke, i dont drink....

    ive lost 8 pounds the past 2 months do to sickness, and im 6'1 and only 142 now... which i can tell isnt a good thing... i cant stop becoming sick... im never happy anymore... everything i try so hard to succeed at ends in failure... im really considering ending everything... cause im just so tired of feeling this much pain... i have access to a gun, or pills i could take.. and i cant get the thought out of my head... i dont want to do this.. i want to be saved somehow..... but im just so tired of being depressed from the second i wake up to the second i fall asleep... please someone help me..
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    Hi Jake and thanks for sharing this with us...it does sound so awful to have to do something you love...had to do it myself...but there will be other things if you look for them...best of luck and keep us posted...big hugs
  3. If you need immediate help very badly, I can only suggest this: call your local emergency number. Where I live(USA) if you tell them you have a gun they take you to a hospital, away from the methods. It sounds like it's an emergency situtation... you should go and talk to proffesional doctors. They know how to help you. And the emergency vehicle arrives quickly, especially if you've taken anything already.... CALL. It's all I can say.
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