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Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by Henri, May 21, 2010.

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  1. Henri

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    It's been 3 month since my wife left. I thought I was doing well and I was. That is until I met someone and started dating her. It's been a month. Maybe it was too soon to jump into another relationship. Honestly, she has been a real big help to me. We where taking things slow. We had planned a trip to Monterey. Well, she mysteriously cancelled by text messege saying her dad was sick, So I called. She didn't say exactly what was wrong but she said there running more test. It doesn't sound right to me. She broke up with me once suddenly and we got back together. Now she suddenly cancelled our trip and for some reason as much as I want to believe her dad is sick, I don't. Let me say if this doesn't work out I'm done for a long time. I don't need more hurt on top of hurt. I shouldn't be dating if I'm not over my ex anyways. today has been expecially rough because I'm alone. My son is with mom. I had a vacation day today. I cancelled it and came to work. Now I'm fighting back tears trying to work. I went to a break room to let it out. Now I'm iPhoning this post. Any advice would be appreciated. Thank God above for this forum.
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    :hug: Is there any way you can find out for sure what's going on with her?

    I think you're right ... dating might be even harder for you right now if you're not over your ex.

    Sorry I couldn't offer much advice, but I just wanted you to know I care, and I'm around if you want to talk.
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