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I Need Help!!!

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Hi Everyone,
I guess I'll start with a little bit of my history. Well, I am a 33yr. old single female. I was diagnosed with BPD, major depression and severe anxiety about 4 yrs. ago. It basically has been complete hell ever sense. I am here on this forum hoping to learn and cope with some of my symptoms. I know there are many people out there that will be able to give me great insight and I can't wait to meet and share things with many of the people here that will be able to give and take support. Great meeting all of you.

Any suggestions, advice, experiences with what I have and am going through would be helpful! Thanks for even looking at this post! kmj221


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:welcome: to SF.

You're right! There are so many people on here that will be able to shed some light on your situation/experience from their own. A great place to start is what has led you to suffer with your mental health issues, knowing can be the answer to getting well.

If needed, you can PM me anytime you like.


:shake: nice to meet you!
Heya kmj221 :)

I think you have come to the right forum, you will find empathy and understanding here. A lot of people will be able to relate to what you are going through, and offer support and advice on what worked for them. Please keep posting, and when you feel comfortable tell us a bit about you. How you are feeling, and what led you to this place you are in, what led you to the forum etc. I am looking forward to talking to you some more. Here if you need to talk :) take care :arms:
I have the same problem! I have been diagnosed with this disorder half a year ago I am on meds and seeing a doctor regularly. Can you see yourself and why you do things? I am interested... I tend to loose control of myself and need to be super calm and minding my thoughts all the time! It is very tiring never letting my guard down on myself. Feel free to write me and correspond it's allways helpful to share I think... That why I came here too...
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