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I need help

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I am beyond hope that anything will ever work - I have tried everything - meds, doctors, hospital stays, psychologists. Now my dr. wants me to do ECT and I am afraid but I can't go on like this.


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Hi and welcome...so sorry you are feeling so awful...the method used today for ECT is nothing like the horrors of the past...do some investigation and ask ppl who have gone through it...maybe you can become more comfortable that way...all the best, J


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I've heard good things about ECT. Working on the psych wards I would hve people come in and ask for it straight off as they had it 15 years ago and it worked. But they have to go through the cycle of meds and therapy again before they are offered it. They don't really know why it works but it does apparently. So give it a go.xxxxx
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