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I need help.

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Hello guys,

I have recently became deeply depressed, and don;t know how to deal with it. I just need some advice and guidance. I have thought about killing myself a lot lately, but every time I think about it I always get scared and dont do it. I think i have a fear of dying, but i dont want to live my life anymore. My life is going no where and im losing everyone i care about.

i just want this all to end but i have no idea how to make it.


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If you are in NY you can access many very quality services...I am in New York City, so please PM me if I can help you...welcome and I hope you tell us what is troubling you so you can see how many ppl can relate to what is going on...welcome again, from anotha new yawka

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Hi nice to have you here Keep talking okay your not alone now lot of us understand where your at I hope you continue to reach out okay so you don't feel so isolated hugs


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Welcome to the forums New Yorkk.. I use to live upstate New York...Why are you loosing everyone?? Have you thought about joining a group therapy?? Your local mental health dept. Can help you find one.. Keep posting here and tell us more..We will help support you..
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Welcome to the forum, newyorkk.

I'm very sorry that you're suffering. It sounds clearly like you're hurting.

I suggest you elaborate on the Suicide Forum subforum. Just tell us exactly what it is that's making you want to kill yourself, and we'll help to the best of our ability.
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