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i need help

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My life has been wierd lately and so many things have changed. I have always been an honors student but this last quarter i failed three classes. I just got lazy or something prefering lying in bed listening to music to doing the work i knew I needed to, now i'm so behind I don't think I can catch up I don't know were to begin, and no can help me, my dad doesnt care no matter what i do and my mom has given up asuming I'll just become some druggy like my brother, I wish I could tell my freinds or girlfriend about it but I feel they would stop seeing me as the smart person I know I can be.
Now I'm wasting my time here instead of trying to fix the problem by getting things done. :sigh:


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I know exactly what you mean. Recently my grades have suffered and I cant find the motivation to do any uni work anymore.
Is there a mentor you have who you can go and talk to? Explain that you are struggling?
I know for me they have doctors letters confirming I have depression and so struggle with concentration etc, this is taken into account when grades are discussed after exams.
It sounds like you have a strong case to argue that you are struggling and it is out of character as you previously had good grades.
I'm sorry you are feeling like this. But dont give up totally, as there will still be a degree there for you! :hug:

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Hi i agree you should get to your doctor and get a note stating you have depression and have fallen behind some and will need time to catch up okay.
Got on some medication that will give you the energy the motivation you need to succeed talk to the councillor okay get the note don't put if off hugs to you


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IF they are truly your friends and they love you, they won't stop seeing you as smart. They will see you as human and needing help. Everyone needs help and support at one time or another in their lives.

True friends and loved ones stick by your side no matter what. I was recently diagnosed with a chronic illness that leaves me wondering how much time on this earth do I have left? I have lost some friends very recently and I don't get calls as much as I used to BUT the ones that have stuck by me do everything they can for me.

This is one of those times in life where you need help. Please seek it out.
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