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I wasn't really raised to have any discipline. so when i'm sufferieng this deep depression and have suicidal thoughts. i've been suffering for depression for all my life mostly. its going to the point where its really severe and i've had it. I am having NO MOTIVATION to do anything... even though I know it will help me i just have none and think whats the use. so i don't end up doing much which leads me to feeling even more depressed. I feel like its a BIG CHORE just to wash my teeth in the morning. on my "normal" months when i am not depressed the only thing i can compare this feeling of choreness is like when you are running a mile. A NON depressed person who never suffered this will not understand what i'm talking about here. i've been to many therapists and they all have been unhelpful and told me i'm lazy. tell me how is that going to HELP ME? i have not found any cure for this. I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO? will medication be my only hope? i've been on meds but it doesn't work for long and i have to stop or try another and most have side effects i can't handle (like too much sleepness) SIGH. is there any way to go around this? i can't imagine doing harder tasks. i just feel like going to brush my teeth in the morning is soooo hard. i have to push myself but i barly get anything done. please help!

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Hi it does sound like you are in depth of depression the only thing that pulled me out was meds not typical ssri i tried wellbutrin xr it help me way more then cipralex did may try other meds as well not in the antidepressant class but that could help you some I think you need to go back to your doctor okay and see if a different family of antidepressant meds would help I am glad you are reaching out here as well. I too find it very hard some days to even wash my face I hope you continue to post okay sometimes just posting your emotions getting them out of you head helps some hugs:hugtackles::hugtackles:
Yeah i don't really have support from family either. and although i do appreciate support from outside very much its not the same. i feel i'd be so much better if they supported me!! I need to forgive them and myself. I will call the doctor tomorrow.
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