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Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by depressed_n_alone, Oct 19, 2006.

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  1. depressed_n_alone

    depressed_n_alone New Member

    I am 15 years old and I have been a cutter for 3 years. Right now, im very depressed and I dont know what to do. I have no one to turn to and Im afraid of what i will do. Im afraid of myself. I dont want to cut, but im afraid that i will. there is just so many things going thru my mind and i dont know what to do! I can feel myself losing all control, someone please help me
  2. i'm sorry.. i may not be much help than to say that you are not alone.. i used to cut a long time ago.. and recenlty have had the urge to... i hope you find help
  3. Allo..

    Allo.. Well-Known Member

    WHy dont you try to do something else everytime you feel the urge. Go for a run, or punch a pillow or get a piece of cloth and tear it into tiny pieces.. Just do whatever you can without cutting. you can get there as long as you believe in youreself. Im always here to talk if you want to. Take care, ALly x
  4. LittleSparkles13

    LittleSparkles13 Well-Known Member

    If you need to talk, i'm here for you.
  5. Beret

    Beret Staff Alumni

    Im sorry hun you feel that way :( Why dont you try to go on a walk, punch a cushion or do anything else that you know from experience that helps you to relieve stress? Or perhaps you want to come to chat? Please pm me anytime and we can have a talk. Stay strong hun :hug:
  6. ace

    ace Well-Known Member

    Is there something in particular making you feel so down?try not to cut,I'm here to talk to you also if you like.my msn also is milansteve@yahoo.com
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