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I need help

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I've been down this road so often, you would think I would be a pro at it by now. It seems like each time, it just gets worse and worse.

I'd seek professional help but I have an ex who likes to use my mental health against me (especially when I seek out help for myself). We have a child. I am not a mess around my child, nor am I a danger to him. I really can't afford to keep going to court, but I can't afford to lose my son either.

I can't handle stress. I have nobody to talk to. Nobody who understands what it is like to live with a heart this heavy. I have post traumatic stress. Any little stress just sets me off.

Right now, all I want more than anything is to be touched. I've been crying all night because all I want is a hug. I want to be held, if only for a moment. For some reason, that makes it better for a while.

I feel like a monster. I live with my boyfriend. He upset me a little bit today, and my house of cards just tumbled. Because of that he will have nothing to do with me. Even though I have begged and cried out for just the tiniest bit of affection. It has been denied to me. What kind of horrible person am I? Nobody wants to help me.

I am lost and alone and I am cold. I feel like I will never be warm again. Which is sad, because I have a fever and I have been sick all week.


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Hi miss_ri,

Welcome. :) It seems like your boyfriend and ex both aren't sensitive to your needs. Truthfully, I know how much you want to be touched. May you be comforted at this time and feel better soon.

With warmest regards,


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Hugs to you hun talk to your doctor okay it has to be kept confidential and see if you can get some medication changes done to decrease the depression hugs


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Hiya hun, big hugs to you! I am in the same boat with my ex and the kids, i have to keep things secret so my mental health wont be used against me, but it is such a strain, i don't want to lose my kids but i dont feel like i am doing enough for them, they are not in danger, i am when they go to visit their dad because i think they will be better of without me! But i am trying to get help hun, i'm not hopeful but what have i got to lose! i can't feel worse! so go to your doc hun, make them help you! I'm here if u ever want to talk xxx
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