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I Need Help

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I need help. I have had this planned for some time now, but I dont think I am capable of doing it. I dont want to register because I dont want people to know who I am.
I have being thinking about committing suicide for some time now, and everyday the thoughts and the urges become worse and worse. I have over 400 different types of pills infront of me, and I am thinking about using a gun instead.
Will someone talk to me and calm me down, please? I would really appreciate it


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No one will know if you sign up, this site is very good about that stuff. If you're still afraid, go to proxy.org and sign up through a proxy so your location will be hidden.

Theres roads in life we take. You have three roads in front of you.

1) You can swallow those pills.

2) You can get that gun, and pull the trigger.

3) You can put the pills away, and you can leave the gun alone.

I am not one to choose for you. These are decisions you must make yourself. You can pick number 1, and feel your life slowly slip away. You may have some kind of mental clarity before you die, but it will be too late, because you already took the pills, and even if the pills don't kill you, they may screw you up so you have to suffer later in life.

You can pick number 2, and not even give yourself time to think it over. You can also leave a mess for someone else to find, which in turn may also make them commit suicide.

You can pick number 3. You have to put the pills away, the gun away, and you have to continue living your life. You will go though good and bad experiences. You may wake up one day, and feel like crap. You may wake up another day, and feel the best feeling in the world. What is the best feeling in the world? Being thankful to be alive. More than any other feeling, that is the best. Waking up knowing you can do whatever you want. Knowing that is your day to use, and many other days ahead.

Choose wisely, and be well my friend.
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