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i need hope

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i need hope tonight, or even just a few kind words.
i am so desperate to talk to someone or for help but i no i cant get any. im stuck, trapped, lost in this darkness. tears stream down my face.. mocking me in the mirror.
I can't go on.
I don't even want to.


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everyone on this site has been where you are - at least once. That's what brings us all here. Know that you are not alone. Hugs.x


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Hi Lily, you are certainly not alone in feeling this way, feel free to send me a message if you need a friendly ear :)


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Loneliness is a soul destroying emotion and as has been said, we've all been there.
Have you tried the chatroom?
Have made many friends in chat :smile:
I understand how hard it is to open up - so I won't press you...

However the offer still stands for a PM or MSN conversation...sometimes it's good to talk - even if we don't know what it is we're trying to say.

Loneliness is a soul destroying emotion and as has been said, we've all been there.
Have you tried the chatroom?
Have made many friends in chat :smile:
i have wanted to so many times but i get so easily intimidated. :(
I know im not helping myself much.


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Dear LilyMe,

You know you are not alone. Maybe you can also see that “i get so easily intimidated” is just a thought. Sometimes our mind can be our worst enemy.

I’ve learned from my experiences NOT to listen to the mind when it is working against me (when the thoughts do not make me feel good). Observe your mind and see how it may work against you. You can learn to be the boss of the mind…

Also, the fact is that most of the things we fear never happen in life...and when things do happen, we can always somehow manage to deal with it...

…here for you…wish you well…


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You may be in the dark but you are definitely not alone. There are wonderful people here that will be more than happy to shed some light

Keep safe :hug:


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Sometimes people just go to the chatroom to feel like they are not alone. Would it feel okay to just go there and simply say that you would like to just be there and not talk? Feeling alone, being alone, is for me the root of the deep pain. But then, of course, its a vicious cycle. Sending safe hugs for you :flowers: :rose: :hug:


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i understand,if i could press a button and wipe my pityfull excuse of a life away
i would no second thoughts,but i cant so i have to carry on.
sometimes it feels like i have a scream building in me that if i let it out it
could shake the ground like an earthquake but i know none wants to hear it
so i swallow it down again.
trust me you are stronger than you think.
4 times i tried suicide each time a fluke,one in a million chance saved (ha saved) me so if im here for a reason and its not my time you are here for a reason too
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