I need reassurance

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I know I say this a lot on the forum and normally I believe it but tonight I need some reassurance myself.

Not everyone judges on looks, do they? You could be one of the ugliest girls or guys in the world and not everyone will ignore, or judge, will they?

I strongly believe part of my insecurities and anxiety in public situations is because of the way I look and those of you who have seen my pic, there is no point saying I'm not ugly or whatever because I have a very hard time believing it.

I just want reassurance that not everyone judges on looks, and I should be myself and if people are nice, they will accept me, right?


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Why is they're opinion the one that matters? Can you judge a book by it's cover? And after reading the descrption of the book on the back cover will everyone be interested in that story? And if they're not does that make it a bad book?

If you can love yourself, believe in yourself, than other opionions won't matter. Who knows you better than you? How can they presume to judge you? You owe no one. And, no one can tell you what you "should" look like. (The women on the magazines are airbrushed! lol) And, most of them are insecure about how they look and spend thousands, millions to constantly "fix" themselves. And for what? To feel beautiful? The saddest part is they don't. Insecurity is something on the inside, not the outside.

So, on the inside how do you feel? If someone DOES presume to judge you as ugly, and ignores you for it, how will you feel inside? Will you feel ashamed because you believe them or outraged because they are so shallow as to treat you like that? (Give em a kick in the shins for me while your at it) LOL!

You cannot control the opinions of others. But you can be secure in your own thoughts and physical appearance without their approval. And silentlyscreaming is right, the others aren't worth your time.
*agrees with everyone*
Not everyone judges on looks hun, those who get to know you will see what a great person you are, and those who don't, well it's their loss.
:hug: :hug: :hug:
Thanks for your replies guys. I know I shouldn't take notice of what other people say about me, or what other people think about me but it's difficult because I just want to be accepted and it feels as though everyone looks at me, judges and they don't want to know. Friendships don't last long either and I guess that is partly my fault because I think I push them away to save myself getting hurt, if that makes sense but I know what your saying, Luliby. I need to not take any notice and if I was to let my guard down a bit and also like myself (which in itself is a challenge) then it shouldn't matter what other people think and I can't change what they think anyway. I guess I need to just go with the flow, I'm not going to actively change who I am just to fit in, I'm really not that type of person and I hate fakeness but I wish people would accept me for the person I am.

Anyway, thanks guys. :hug:


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agree with everyone.
people who judge only on looks lose many good things in life. Fact.

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