I need some advice soon

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Ok i need some advice from people here.
I think about suicide every sinlge day, every minute. Its been like that for a few years, and for a while i was fine. And i want to talk to someone but i dont know if i should. Here is the thing, last year i had a very good friend, she was there for me in the toughest situationts, but this year when i was getting better she told me, that she could never handle me all this time, that she was annoyed by my problems. And well since then i am very afraid to tell people the real feelings i have. I have a friend but i dont want to lose her like i did my ex friend. I just cant deal with losing another good friend because of my problems.
So should i just tell her that i am thinking about suicide and that i just dont feel good? And in return what should I expect or what can i expect? How is she suppose to react?? can anyone help me please, i really need help.
hi and welcome

well its always good to have someone to talk to about the problems. And its normally only the 1, its just so much, cos if more than 1 person know...you wonder if they talk to each other about you. But its important not to rely on others too much, its nt fair to put all your problems on them.

BUT it is vital to talk, and seek help when you need it. And a true friend will not be that selfish to think of themselves when their friend is in a bad place.

If your saying everyday, and you talked to tem that much, then..thats alot for 1 person to take on, im sure they have their problems too.

Here is a good place to vent, and find people in a similar situation and then maybe you can talk to them and support them and them support you.

Just don't give up and let this get the better of you, I know losing your friend must have been tough especially since you were on the recovery road. Like I said use this forum. Tell your friend, just make sure you give them space aswell.
I understand in every way what you mean in not putting any more weight in problems on my friend since they have alot of their own.
You said this would be a good place for me to seek support, but i feel like i need it more in person, i mean this is a great place otherwise i wouldnt have registered, but i just want someone that i can hug if i need to and talk to. I just dont know how much longer i can deal with this. Everyday at work i get very depressed, i love my work, but i feel like a piece of shit then. If i had a gun at work i would be long gone. I think suicide is a fast reaction, if you react fast on it it will happen, but if you think about it to long it wont work. thats why i am not dead yet.
i just need someone to be there for me
I dont know if i really still like this forum much, it is not helping me in any way, people view what i wrote but dont give advice, this is just like having people right there around you, everyone looks but noone cares, this is really sad. I wont kill myself right away, but i just dont know how much longer i can keep it away. Yea people said its an impulse in comitting suicide that you cant really plan it.....but i lnow that i have the impulse its just a matter of when it will come out. I just hate the fact that i am asking for help but again am being rejected.


I know how you feel. I don't get many replies to any of my posts either. People say it's because they don't know what to say but there is a clique here that all reply to each other no matter what and the rest just get thrown titbits every now and then like dogs. And people keep coming back because they think that maybe today will be the day that they get accepted and really cared about not just fake cared about.

As for your problem, well it depends what kind of friend thise person is. I mean, do you talk about serious things with her often? Or is just a friendship where you hang out but don't really talk? If I were you I would sort of investigate before saying my own feelings. Like start off by getting her into a conversation about suicide or depression and get her opinions on that and then from her answers you can gage how she might react to you telling her how you feel? I think that's what I would do and then I could decide how much to tell her.....like whether I would say I was actually suicidal or whether I would just say that I felt down sometimes.
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Thank you so very much for your reply, that was and is very helpful. I am gonna investigate for sure.
And i agree in what you said about how they are kinda cliquy, or whatever the word is, here. Its sad because you try and get away from that, be with people that might feel the same, but then you end up in the same old pickle. Maybe you and me can advice each other, so i am very open and willing to listen what you have to say.:smile:
Thanks again
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