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i need some advice with medicine.

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Ativan...is supposed to help with anxiety, right? And restlessness is a part of anxiety because you're restless when you're anxious, right? But for some reason the recommended dose of 2mg per day doesn't stop my restlessness. If I take 5 or 6mg, however, then it does. But by then, I'm pretty much high on it. So what do I do? I doubt they'd give me a larger dose. Is it the wrong medication or what? Should I be taking something else for restlessness? Should I try another benzo? My fiance says the ativan is supposed to help with worrying and fear, not restlessness. But I thought it all kind of tied together, no?

It doesn't put me to sleep either like the doctor said.unless I take more than 2 mg.

Also, I have a theory. I have chronic muscle pain and soreness for unexplained reasons. And the idea popped into my head that maybe the muscle pain is the reason I'm so restless and its not due to anxiety and that's why the ativan doesn't help in regular doses. Could this be a plausible theory?

And ativan isn't the only problem. I didn't get my seroquel like I was supposed to for paranoia and aggression symptoms because the freaking insurance company wanted a preauthorization from the doctor. We called the doctor, they were supposed to give authorization...but I don't think anybody actually gave a shit to do it though, and I still don't have my medicine. It pisses me off so bad that I can't even explain it.

And so, I don't feel as though I'm on the proper medications, which means that I am free to feel as suicidal and impulsive and pissed off as I wish. Marvelous. Should I just keep bitching at my doctors to change what I'm on until I feel comfortable or what?


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If you're going to take your life, its best for EVERYONE not telling, I would be the killer, like everybody in the house... Please ask for help or tell your psychiatrist, I know it's hard... Sunday and whatever comes and takes your right away but hold on, this is almost over, see, I am STILL Alive, I doubted that could be real someday, but kn ow I will do it and it will be So REAL! So beautiful!

I wish I could help. I wish I could be there for you, humans are so close to each other but afraid admit it. That what we have becomes, so enjoyable.
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