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    so here's my problem. i've found a girl that enjoys all the things that i do and who is a very good person. the problem im facing is that her father hates me. he doesn't even know that we have been together for over a month. he hates me because i have been arrested for drinking and he found out that i smoked pot. how do i go about talking to him and trying to convince him to let me see her just as friends?
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    he would probably be impressed by you talking to him about it and being direct... then you just tell him what he wants to hear.. you know, saying you're not like that, you have no intention to do those things with her, blah blah
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    He has already cast his opinion on you. Really there is nothing that you can do about it. Aside from spending more time bonding with him then you do with this girl.
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    Well you're wrong from the get-go by intending on telling the father of your girlfriend a lie (see her just as friends when you want more eventually). He'll probably have some respect for you if you're just honest and direct about your "past transgressions" and "irresponsible, childish decisions". If you really want to talk to him, just be straight up and imagine it was your daughter that some little jerk (which is probably how he views you) just arrived to your daughter and tried to pull her out from under your protective arms. If you get into a chat with him (if he's willing, that is), he doesn't want to hear any excuses. Tell him where you went wrong, what you did about it, and what you're doing now. It should sound like you're making upward progress.

    Be a respectable gentleman. Keep dressing nicely and being appropriate (assuming you already do), let the relationship with her father build gradually. It may not, and he may always just dislike your ass. But don't get discouraged and start letting that get in the way of your relationship with the lady. He'll really hate your ass then, in addition to not respecting you for not having balls to persevere.
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    I remember back in the day when you couldn't date anyone without going through the father first. When gentlemen showed up, addressed your father as "Sir" and had to get his explicit permission to allow his daughter to be in the exclusive company of a stranger to the family.