I Need some advice

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Yah i guess me saying that I need some advice is the best way to start this off.

I've been having alot of sucidal thoughts lately and although i go to a pycologist i have never told him about them.

The reason I haven't is if i do ever want to commit suicide that option won't be avaible if I tell a shrink i have had thoughts about it.

I also do not sure if i even have the balls to do it so it has never really concerned me.

I have also gone to a pychiatrist and it is a definite possibilty that I could have either bipolor disorder or manic deppresion.

So I just wanted to know if im thinking to lighty of the problem and if I should tell anyone about this.

Just as a fyi sort of thing i also really dont want people to needlessly fuss over me and keep a unneccery eye on my actions.

Thanks in advance for the advice and sorry if i posted it in the wrong place. (first time posting on this forum)

Also if to make a opinion on the matter of telling or not you need to know more information about my case feel free to ask.


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Hi and welcome to the forum :)

Well i'd say that it's worth discussing these feelings with your psychologist. While it's true that therapists say they have to tell someone (e.g. doctor) if they deem you to be a hazard to yourself or to others.. that doesn't mean you can't talk to them about such feelings.

There's a difference between telling a therapist that you're going to kill yourself, and saying that you're having these thoughts. If you're able to talk to your counsellor about the thoughts then maybe you could both work out why you're having them and also find out alternate ways to cope with your pain?

I hope you stick around here and let us know how things go, if you want. In the meantime do take care and know that i'm thinking of you
Jenny x
i agree with jenny, telling your psychiatrist your having THOUGHTS of killing yourself is differnt to telling them your GOING to kill yourself, telling ypu psychiatrist will help them to understand whats going thru your head right now, and if you need the help then you should be honest with them really.

Maybe telling someone will help, you never know, its worth a try right

i relaly would suggest tellign your psychiatrist

take care, feel free to PM me if you need to talk or need anything

vikki x


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Hmmmm... well this site does tell you to not think lightly of these thoughts. If you do have Bi-Polar disorder then that could be the cause of it. Generally meds will level you out and allow you to think more clearly.

What I would do is search your soul for the root of these thoughts... why do you fell this way? There in lies your answer.
Those shrinks suck...I got the same symptoms too...I juz heal myself gradually...:dry: .......Oh,yeah..Seek those psychoterapists,or juz seek me...:huh:


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as stated above... please tell someone... many people have suicidal toughts but that does not mean that they will actually do it. and the only way someone can break your confidentiallity is if you pose an immediate danger to youself or others... but meds really can help if you get the right ones
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