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I need some advice.

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OK, in Jan 2008 at Christmas, my uncle suicided, and Im only now (2011) feeling emotion... I wish there was something i could do to stop him... Is this all normal? I feel like i should have done something, to try make things better... I just want some help, someone to talk to, he use to call me the "Gay Marine" because im a queer but he raced Aussie race cars, and I wish i could have done something. I have since i had to carry him to the cremation chamber I just feel like maybe i could have stopped it, I dont know where to go, I just want someone to talk to, and some help

any help would be majorly appreciated, im balling as i write this..
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It is normal really alot of us do not feel emotion until later on Grief is like that it happens on its own time I lost my bro to suicide and i often feel guilty sad but i know now there is nothing we could do once someones mind is that far gone with depression It was the illness that took your uncle I hope you know that okay What you can do now is get some help for you to get through grieving process perhaps plant a tree in his name or do something else to commemorate him take care okay
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